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image of exercise after birth
Safe Movements in the First Weeks Postpartum

When you’re newly postpartum, you are told by your OB/GYN to hold off on exercise until you hit that 6-week mark. After working with thousands of moms and going through postpartum recovery three times myself, I soon realized that doing nothing in those first weeks postpartum could do more harm than good to your body. Now, I’m not saying to…

image of postpartum depression
Postpartum Recovery with Dr. Christine Maren

Listen closely ladies: postpartum recovery is not limited to one year after having your baby. I know so many of us are convinced that you are no longer considered postpartum after one year of having baby. AND some of you even strive to reach that one-year mark because it’s thought that all postpartum symptoms will just go away. I mean, that would just make our…