It’s never too early to prevent deep core injury, and it’s never too late to work on healing them!

My programs are all about strengthening your deep core because it is so important!

When I talk about the deep core, a lot of moms think we are targeting the abs. While my programs will help you heal and tone your abs, your deep core means so much more. Your core runs from the base of pelvis all the way through the abdominal cavity, including the deep muscles and fascia within the spine. This is why the deep core connections I teach also work to improve neck, hip, low back, and abdominal strength!

During pregnancy and postpartum, abdominal weakness can lead to a whole host of other physical and emotional health problems. It’s easy to get started! My programs are set up to follow step-by-step to help ensure you’re successfully completing the program. To gain all the benefits of specialized core strength training, I train my clients from the inside out. Here, I’ve answered a few really great questions from real moms. If you have any questions please leave a comment below!!

So many moms believe that having a ‘mommy tummy’, abdominal separation, poor core function, back pain, and incontinence is inevitable after baby.

My Prenatal + Core Rehab Membership teaches the fundamentals necessary for avoiding common pregnancy complaints. With a bit of commitment, my programs allow moms to be stronger than before they ever had kids, even after 5 or more pregnancies!

If you’re pregnant now, you can start working on your prenatal core health to avoid these issues. If you’re postpartum – even if your babies are adults themselves – it’s never too late for Core Rehab to improve your quality of life!

What You'll Learn in My Programs

Not only do you get comprehensive outlines, tutorials, schedules and meal suggestions but with your membership, you gain access to our community of Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness moms. This community is full of moms who have done our programs (some who have gone through multiple times!). This is a safe place for you to ask questions to both myself and fellow mamas, plus share ideas, triumphs, successes and a great resource on your healthy parenting journey!

Some of the most important things I teach and share are the fundamentals of movement. Specifically, how you can work towards a well-connected core. That’s why my programs build upon the day prior for both your pregnancy and postpartum journey. This building blocks approach sets you up for success in the program, to heal and strengthen from the inside out.

My programs include fundamental basics as well as specific techniques, exercises, and program guides. Not only do you learn WHAT to do, but also WHY it’s so important you do it!

Included For You Are Concepts Such As:

Posture: Become aware of your posture! Training for postural strength and employing effective breathing techniques are a huge leap into what I teach. Your posture throughout your day trains your deep core. It’s imperative to feel a connection in all your day to day movements. What is your current posture doing for your core strength?

Fascia: Learn how to properly connect with your deep core, to strengthen and improve the connective tissue. Fixing the deep core fascia within the abdominal wall works internally to drastically improve both the appearance and feeling of abdominal weakness, separation, and stretching.

Crunches: Any exercise done incorrectly or before the body is ready (without work-up training) can be really counterproductive to improving postpartum range of motion, healing, and core connectivity. You’ll learn more about why I don’t like to say ‘crunches’, and the many effective and safe exercises that will replace them!

Plus day-to-day tips and tricks, tons of exercise combinations and modifications and so much more!

The Bottom Line Is...

If we aren’t working to prevent and heal core stability issues, problems have a way of multiplying! Fascial connection can affect your nervous system and emotional health. Poor connections also increase your risk for pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, and umbilical hernias.

Get started today with this Free Safe & Effective Exercise Guide to find out why so many moms are recommending my programs and have had such huge successes at every stage of motherhood!

Check out my Programs HERE, and please drop any of your questions below!


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