Getting Your Abs Back, part 1

Getting your abs back after baby can be a complete (& annoying) challenge. Myself included. After 3 babies it’s been a challenge to get my abs back to where they were pre-baby & can’t say they are the same or ever will be, but they are flat & I’m slowly getting my muscle back so I just have to be ok with that right now.

It takes a ton of time more then anything, to get your abs back after baby(ies), especially if you have any abdominal separation (aka Diastasis Recti). Not sure if you have separation? Watch my video here about that, plus I give several extra tips too.

I know some of you may be thinking, these exercises are way to easy for me or even that your abs came back no problem what so ever, but for many moms that’s not the case. I won’t lie, I didn’t have any issues after baby 1 or 2, but 3 is what did it for me. For some it is baby # 1 or baby #2 that does your abs in (or so you think). I do believe that with a lot of time and hard work/correct exercises (& eating healthy) you too can get your abs back. Maybe they’ll never be 100% what they were pre-baby, maybe they will be even better, or maybe they take on a slightly different look. But you’re a mom so be proud of that!!!

This video (below) gets you started with basic, yet very effective exercises to target your abs. Even if you think your abs are really strong give these a try and you might just be surprised at how challenging they can be.

Notice there’s no crunches here? Read my post here about why you should avoid crunches right after baby. I put the similar focus in my After Baby DVD’s too, the beginner core exercises (in DVD 1) are all designed so if you do have some abdominal separation you can still activate your core but with exercises that can help you get your abs back together rather then traditional crunches which can make separation worse. Plus some killer leg & arm workouts that will have you feeling them the next day! Check them out here.

What are you waiting for, start getting your abs back TODAY!


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