Bigger Postpartum Challenges!

I read this article from the WSJ over the weekend & had one of those “a-ha!” moments, where I felt so strongly that what I am doing to better women’s lives through exercise really does matter. If you are a mom or soon-to-be mama please take the couple of minutes to read the WSJ article ” Bigger Postpartum Challenges Than Just Baby Weight”. Talking about the strain and stress on your body from a muscular and skeletal perspective.

I teach this everyday I walk into the gym and with many moms I come across. You may not realize the full effect of having given birth and being pregnant until 20+ years later. This is why I have become so passionate about teaching fitness the way I do. For those of you that have trained with me and worked out with my prenatal & after baby DVD’s, you know that I teach exercises that are effective to not only strengthen your body but to help your body function better! Yes losing the baby weight is important because the longer you wait to lose the weight the more challenging it could be. That said, don’t forget about how your body is feeling. If your workouts leave you feeling super exhausted after, there’s a chance your overtraining, which is not healthy.

I feel like I could go on all day talking about this topic, so if you, your sister, girlfriend, mom or even grandmother have ever mentioned dealing with low back/hip pain, incontinence, etc. there’s a good chance it’s a result of pregnancy. It’s never to late though to start correcting those postural imbalances and strengthening your deep core – DO YOUR KEGELS! Learn to do them correctly as well. For more on that check out my post here.

If you, your girlfriends, sister, mom, grandmother are in need of a little deep core re-activation give my prenatal or after baby DVD’s a try! May seem a bit crazy but the exercises are really effective even if you aren’t preggers 🙂

Do you suffer from any of these issues after baby (even if it’s been 20+ years)?


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