When Can I Start Running After Baby?

Running After Baby
When Can I Start Running After Baby?

This is for all you runner momma’s or want to be runners out there! I myself have a love hate relationship with running. I love how I feel & what it does for my body but am completely honest that yes, it can be challenging to get motivated to go run. That said, it’s those first couple steps that are the hardest, but once you start sometimes it seems like you could go on forever (or not….)

Once you have your little one I know that itch to get back out there & run may just be driving you crazy! Especially if you weren’t able to run during pregnancy, and LOVE to run! But be patient (I find myself saying that A LOT to new moms but it’s some of the best advice I can give).

Before you start picking up those feet faster….

  1. I highly recommend getting your doc’s approval before you increase your activity to more then walking, especially if you had a c-section. Doing too much activity too soon after baby could lead to health issues you don’t need to deal with (mostly bleeding).
  2. Give yourself time to slowly get back into walking, slow progression is key. Most importantly Listen to Your Body! If your body, mostly likely your lower abdominal area (where your uterus is) is really sore the next day after you run, you should back off a bit. Or if you notice a huge increase of bleeding (especially if you’re less than 4 weeks postpartum), you need to back off.
  3. Focus on running with your abs (deep core), think “kegel” & scooping your lower belly in & up. This can really help re-active your abs after baby. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t really feel any of this right away, it could take you a good 3 months (or more) after baby to even start to feel this area. So do your best to at least think about it & try to turn your core back on. For more info on core exercise after baby check out this post.
  4. Use the back of your legs to push you as you run. We tend to overuse our hip flexors & quads when really you should be running with your butt & hamstring muscles.
  5. Do some deep wide squats & walking lunges to warm you up before you head out the door, this helps turn on the back of your legs.


Here’s Step 1 of some walking/running intervals to get you started

Walk/Run Intervals Step 1
Running After Baby Step 1

Combine your walk/run intervals on the opposite days you’re doing my Functional Pilates-Infused Workouts for amazing results! & Stay tuned for more tips & several more walk/run interval steps….


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