Getting Back Into Running, Steps 1-4

I know you’re waiting for these steps because your dying to get running again (or well….maybe…) But mentally you’re going crazy because you haven’t been able to run for months, even possibly the last year, yikes! But it happens, so wait no longer! Today is your day to get out & get those legs running.

Follow these first 4 steps to get you moving faster! I love these because you gradually build up your stamina. If you build up to the next step each time you head out the door to exercise, that’s awesome! If it takes you 2 weeks to complete each step, hell, that’s ok too! I want you to feel fabulous, be confident, & get moving more!

Not sure if you’re ready to run yet, read my post about “When Can I Start Running After Baby” for some great guidelines & tips!

Once you complete these 4 Walk/Run Intervals & are ready for more, move onto the final steps here.
KUF-Walk Run STEP1KUF-Walk Run STEP2KUF-Walk Run STEP3KUF-Walk Run STEP4


How far are you running?


P.S. These Walk/Run Intervals can also be used as Run/Sprint Intervals once you complete step 8 & are ready for the next challenge!

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