I’m sure you’ve heard of “kegels” but do you know what they are or how to do them & why you should? hmmm….

Blank stares or “no” is the answer I get from my clients. I especially love the “your really going to talk about this” look, but hey that’s what I do! Do you think their Ob Gyn told them, why of course not! It drives me crazy that the doc’s that should tell their patients about Kegels don’t. Now they have no problem sticking objects in those kegel muscles but never mention or teach how to strengthen them! That’s why I feel the need to be sure every women understands why she needs to do her kegels. So let’s get to that…

Here is a picture of your Pelvic Floor Muscles (these are the muscles you use to do your Kegels)

Female Pelvic Floor

Why should I be doing Kegels you may ask? Well let me tell you

So you don’t pee your pants when you laugh or sneeze (especially after baby & with each baby you’re going to stretch even more)
To strengthen your muscles for more pleasure during…sex!
You don’t want to be sewn shut when you get older do you? Yeah thought NOT!


In the past many have taught Kegels by saying to stop the flow of urine or to actually do that when you are going. I’d like to correct that and say NEVER stop your flow of urine as that can increase your chance of a UTI and us women/moms have enough to stay busy with we don’t need any UTI’s getting in the way.

Here’s what I want you to do:

If you have a stability ball or exercise ball sit on it. If not then sit on a chair.
Be sure you are sitting straight. If on a ball you should be able to feel your pelvic floor (your kegels muscles) touching the ball.
1st-gently pull up on your pelvic floor, then release
2nd-pull up again and pull up further. Think of it as an elevator. Getting to each floor and stopping them pulling up a little higher. – Hold for 10 & release
3rd- REPEAT!

Start by doing a couple repetitions everyday and increasing the amount of time you practice doing your kegels. Driving or sitting at your desk are great times to give those kegels a try. Best thing about doing kegels is no one has to know your doing them ! You can do Kegels anywhere;)

Warning: If you are pregnant, doing your kegels may stimulate you! So beware 😉 but who’s going to complain about that!

Enjoy the life long benefits of doing your Kegels daily


P.S. There will be more to come on this topic 🙂

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