Prenatal & Postnatal Exercise: Squats with Rotation

Another one of my clients favorites! These squats feel amazing both during pregnancy & after baby, plus if you don’t have an exercise ball you can use some light weights (1-5lbs) or nothing at all.

It’s a FULL BODY exercise!

*Always check with your doctor to get the “ok” to exercise*

Prenatal & Postnatal Squats with Rotation
Prenatal & Postnatal Squats with Rotation

1) Stand with your feet farther apart then your shoulders, slightly laterally rotated your legs out. Note: be sure you are rotating from your hips & not just your feet. I see this common mistake a lot! It’s your hips I’m having you work on opening (they get really tight for most during pregnancy).

2) Squat down towards the ground, still looking out in front of you (avoid looking at the ground). Be sure it’s your butt you are getting towards the ground & not your back. Avoid overusing your back. This exercise is to keep your booty lifted & your hips good & mobile (hey we all want & need that right?!)

As your pregnancy progress your range of motion (ROM) will become less & that is “OK”. Focus on feeling this exercise in your butt!

After Baby your ROM will be less in the beginning & as you get stronger & your hips get their mobility back you will be back to increase your ROM! Yippeee! Plus a great exercise if you have some abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti).

3) As you stand up straight, rotate towards one side. Be sure your front leg stays stationary & your back leg rotates with you.; pivoting on your toe. Then reach your arms up & away from you.

Think about “Lifting tall” with your core while you stand tall.

4) Rotate back to the center & repeat alternating sides.

Try doing 10-20 sets of this Squats with Rotation exercise. An added bonus: for most it’ll get your heart rate up too!

Work It Momma!

P.S. You’ll find this exercise & more in my Prenatal DVD’s!

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