Prenatal & Postnatal Exercise: Forward Rolls

This exercise is AMAZING during pregnancy to help relieve back aches while also strengthening your core muscles & helping stretch out tight abdominal muscles.

After baby I love this exercise for stretching out your tight back but also to help turn back on your abs!

*Be sure your Doctor has given you the “ok” to exercise before beginning any exercise program.

Prenatal & Postnatal Exercise by Erica Ziel, Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness

(exercise is featured in my Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness Prenatal Pilates-Infused Workout DVD set)

1) Kneeling with your knees shoulder-width apart & the ball close to you.

2) Slowly articulate your spine forward by tucking your chin first then rolling the ball out.

3) “Hug your baby” as you roll the ball out so you can feel your deep core muscles working.

4) Once all the way out, arch your back but keep gently pressing your arms into the ball.

5) Pregnant mommas – think about breathing into your belly here so you can gently stretch your ab muscles (which become very tight as you hit growth spurts during your 3rd trimester)

After baby – keep your abs tight the entire time & when you are half way down or up add 20 pulses. Think about scooping your belly in & up. You should feel your abs working & your low back stretching.

6) “Hug your baby” or (scoop your belly in & up), as you slowly roll back up, articulating your spine back up straight.


I hope you love this exercise as much as my clients & I do!




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