Get Outside & Take Your Kids (or Your Friends) Sledding!

Or go sledding yourself…

Talk about great EXERCISE!

Walking & Running in the snow pulling your kids on a sled & chasing around after them will give you an amazing workout 🙂 If you take your friends kiddos out, they will for sure thank you for helping run out their energy (as well as yours). I don’t recommend going sledding yourself if you are pregnant or near the end of your pregnancy as it’s not worth risking falling. If your not yet pregnant, then go for it!

Bundle up to be sure to stay warm & enjoy some fun family time while making great memories. Remember to wear a couple pair of socks or try those toe warmers, it’s a bummer when the only thing cold are your toes 🙁

If you live at the beach you could always try sledding on the sand. I think I’ll add to my list of to-do’s & I’ll let you know how it goes.

Stay warm & have fun getting into shape!


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