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(My Favorite Everything) & help a fellow mom get back her Pre-Baby Body. She is a mother to not only 1 but 3 little girls, ages almost 3, 2, & her littlest will be 1 this March. Shanna’s goal is to lose 30 lbs by her daughters 1st birthday! Her journey has begun…

Check out what Shanna has to say “Getting Mama’s Groove Back”


Shanna,  will be posting weekly updates about her experience & progress with losing the baby weight. I’ll also be keeping everyone updated with weekly exercises, tips, etc. related to what I have Shanna do! We are 2 pilates sessions into her journey, a family bike ride this weekend, & she get’s to have me one-on-one tomorrow, lucky her 😉 We’ll see what she has to say about that. Oh yeah & she’s kick-starting her weight loss with a 3-day Ritual Cleanse (which I highly recommended) – Day 1 today I’d love to hear feedback from you other momma’s out there. Have you gotten back to your “pre-baby” body yet? Are you trying & just cant seem to get there? or are you waiting for something, maybe the New Year to start? What has worked or not worked for you???

No more Excuses here!!!




  • Posted December 13, 2010
    by Shanna ~ My Favorite Everything

    Super excited for this journey! Never a fun one to do (when there is so much work to be done!) but no better way than with you’re fabulous tips and lessons! I’m wondering how many countries you’re going to kick my butt too over the next few weeks. Pretty sure we’ve covered Australia and China so far…. Ha!

  • Posted December 13, 2010
    by Jen {Tiny Oranges}

    It will be so awesome to watch her journey! I commend her for putting herself out there for the sake of SO many moms in her same spot.
    Personally, the thing that worked for me the best was having a race to train for when I was trying to lose the baby weight! I need a goal or a deadline of something I am training for to motivate me. On those mornings when it is hard to get up, if I have a race in the future, I have it in my head that I HAVE to get my miles in, like you said NO excuses!

  • Posted December 13, 2010
    by Christa

    So excited to follow this! My little guy is almost 1 and I have ten lbs left to lose…hope to find the inspiration!

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  • Posted February 11, 2011
    by Lachmi

    I love reading about her weight-loss journey. One question though–is she still nursing? Is it safe to “cleanse” while nursing?

    • Posted February 13, 2011

      Glad you are enjoying reading about Shanna’s journey. It’s been a great one! & she is seeing great results ~ as a result of her very hard work & dedication!
      No, she is not nursing. I don’t recommend “cleansing” while pregnant or nursing. I do recommend that you supplement your daily diet or occasionally with nutrient packed juices, such as the Ritual Cleanse juices that Shanna drank for her “cleanse”. When nursing you need to EAT, your milk supply depends on it, so you don’t want to be cutting calories. Wait until you are done nursing to do that! But drinking a juice or 2 a day is beneficial in that it can help with cravings & most importantly you are getting a good dose of nutrients with each. Good for both MOM & BABY 🙂

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