Getting Momma’s Groove Back Update Week 9


Shanna has lost another 2 inches off of her midsection in the last 2 weeks!!!

I couldn’t be more proud of her. If you read Shanna’s blog then you’d know that in the last 2 weeks everyone in her household (except for her) has been sick 🙁 We all know this sucks! Especially when all the little ones are sick..sleepless nights, cranky babies = tired & cranky momma’s. THANK GOODNESS FOR EXERCISE & EATING HEALTHY 😉 Kudo’s Shanna for not letting sleepless nights, & cranky babies slow you down!!!

Both exercise & eating healthy will decrease your chances of catching all those little bugs your little ones get.

Check out the difference in 9 weeks!

Shanna has been keeping track of her exercise & diet in her Fitbook. However, I don’t like the word “diet” 🙁 It has a bad connotation for most people. So rather, I’m officially changing the word “diet” to “healthy eatz” ~ because you are eating healthy about 90% of the time, right? I know Shanna’s healthy eatz have improved & are now the staples in her diet healthy eatz! Ok, so maybe it’s cheesy but at least it sounds fun…

Feel like you just aren’t losing the pounds like you “think” you should be? Read my explanation of fat vs. muscle.

What are you doing to keep you accountable?

Is it working?


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