Happy Thanksgiving | Don’t Stop Exercising Now

Leave it to the kid to say it!

Every year we sit together as a family & watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, such a simple yet great cartoon wonderful for everyone. Simple is something we all need to remember as the holiday season begins; with all our crazy busy schedules, shopping, wrapping, parties, & exercising.

That’s right you heard me “EXERCISE”. Why is it when we should be exercising the most, we don’t. Every year I have clients say to me mid/end of November “I’ll be back to workouts after December”. Ok….so what are you doing in the meantime? Working out on your own? If so, great! If not, then you better be keeping your eating in check or you’ll be making more work for yourself come the New Year. So my advice: “Don’t stop exercising now or ever”. You may feel that you don’t have the time, but make it. Exercise at home if you need to. Click here for some short exercise clips.

It takes twice as long to regain what you lost & I’m not talking about your weight. If you choose to take the next 4+ weeks off during the holidays your looking at a minimum of 8 weeks to get back to were you are now. I rest my case.

Happy Thanksgiving


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