How to Lose 3 inches Off Your Post-Baby Belly in 1 Week!

Yes, you heard that right! 3 inches is what Shanna lost from her post-baby belly after only 1 week! She has been working hard doing the workouts I put together for her (including my Treadmill Sprints), pilates & doing a 3-day Ritual Cleanse detox. Not a day has gone by she hasn’t gotten a good sweat’n workout in.

Can you say “WOW”!

Shanna loved the Ritual Cleanse 3-day detox, that is after she got through her 1st day (thus she was feeling the “detox” effect). I love Ritual Cleanse juices! They make me feel great & will you too 🙂 Why I recommend doing a Ritual Cleanse detox: it’s a great way to “Reset” your digestive system & get you off to a healthy start.

Here is Shanna’s workout plan for the week:

  • Today: Kick-butt Pilates!
  • Tuesday: Treadmill Sprints #2 & Kettlebell, Plank circuit (2 x’s)
  • Wednesday: Shanna get’s a “rest” day – well deserved, just keep your hand out of that cookie jar, no extra calories burned today 😉
  • Thursday & Friday: Walking at least 30 minutes (hopefully twice) & Kettlebell, Plank Circuit (2 x’s)
  • Saturday & Sunday: Elliptical 30-45 minutes & Kettlebell, Plank Circuit (2 x’s)
  • Extra Exercise: Chasing after her 2 little girls & holding the 3rd , a great arm workout 😉

Every Monday for the next 11 weeks I’ll be posting an update on Shanna’s progress along with her workout schedule for the week.


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