Is the countdown on until you welcome your newborn into the world?

Whether this is your first child or your fifth, the delivery room is going to be a little different than what you’re expecting.

After COVID-19 took over all of our lives a year ago, your plans for pregnancy and delivery took a bit of a hit.

>>Instead of letting your stress level rise as you enter the unknown of delivering your baby during COVID-19, I want you to focus on the things you can control.<<

Being able to enter the delivery room in a flow state will allow you to be present and visualize what you want out of your birth.

So, I’m going to share some ways to prepare for delivery during COVID-19 so you can focus on what matters: having a happy and healthy baby. Let’s get started!

Planning Ahead

Around here, we believe that preparation is the best way to prevent unnecessary stress and overwhelm.

Heck, we have a whole section in our membership dedicated to Birth Prep!

Some common things we suggest as you enter a COVID-19 delivery are:

  • Packing a cooler with snacks in case you can’t go to the cafeteria.
  • Having something to watch your favorite shows on in case your room doesn’t have a TV.
  • Buying an extra-long cell phone charger to reach your bed.

Calling the hospital ahead of time can help you better understand their current policies and feel confident in your planning before you even enter the room.

image of labor and Delivery during COVID-19

Incorporating movement during the labor process is a great way to reconnect with your body (and baby!) as you head into pushing baby out. If COVID-19 is keeping you from being able to walk the hospital halls, turn on your favorite tunes and move your body!

Some amazing movements you can do on the side of your bed are:

  • Wide squat pulses
  • Cat-cows
  • Pelvic tilts and hip circles on a maternity ball

Finding what moves make you feel strong and confident can help reduce your stress while preparing you for an amazing delivery.


One of the best things that I’ve learned since becoming a prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist is the power that breath has on the body.

So in between nurses coming to your room or during a commercial break, take some time for yourself to just breathe. Focus on centering yourself and visualize the way you want your labor and delivery to go.

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