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This modified down dog to pike to plank is a great option for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Even if you have abdominal separation {Diastasis Recti} – this is a great way to modify so you can continue to move your body but keep your movements so they are positive for your body and not stressing your deep core and abdominals.

If you are currently pregnant:

  • Avoid ‘coning of your belly
  • You may want to stop your movement before you are into a full plank, even modified with the chair
  • Move through a range of motion that feels good for your body
  • Specifically your back and your abdominals
  • Length and articulate your spine as you move
  • Lightly ‘hug your baby’ as you move
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Not Knocked-Up Mama’s:

  • Focus on your deep core connection – think ‘lightly zipping up your belly’
  •  Be strong in your legs, core and midback as you articulate and move into the plank position with the chair
  • You MUST be able to do this modified version with the chair before progressing onto your mat
  • Simple doesn’t mean easy – it’s all about being effective!
  • My Core Rehab Program includes your step-by-step instructions for healing your core and creating balance through your body.

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