Ritual Wellness Daily Juices!

I love Ritual Wellness Daily Juices! Not only are they 100% organic & raw, their bottles are 100% biodegradeable & made from recycled materials. Pregnant or nursing, of course you don’t want to”cleanse”, thats why it’s great that they offer daily juices. Think of it as a whole lotta nutrients & craving control in one bottle!

I always feel so great after I’ve had a yummy green juice or really any of their juices, the greens are just my favorite. Drinking them occassionally during pregnancy & especially now while nursing has really helped control my crazy cravings/hunger. Think about drinking Ritual Wellness Daily Juices to increase your nutrient intake rather than to prevent weight gain. Yes they are great for that (you can do that after you’re done nursing), but you still want to make sure you are eating plenty of calories for your growing baby whether pregnant or nursing. Remember pregnancy requires an average 300 additional daily calories and nursing requires around 500 additional daily calories. So be sure you are adding in juices to your healthy diet & not replacing any meals 🙂

I’m excited to announce that Ritual Wellness is offering a $15 off coupon for your first order when you buy my Knocked-Up Fitness DVD’s! Order here & I’ll email your coupon through Amazon to you!


  • Posted June 4, 2012
    by Heidi

    I kind of don’t understand the pricing on their website. Is it a 3 day program that is 15 dollars per day, and that price includes all of the juices? If so, do you still have to pay shipping? It’s probably really easy to understand, but if you could clarify for me I would really appreciate it!! 🙂 I am 17 weeks with my second pregnancy, and feeling terrible. I could really use a cleanse.

  • Posted June 9, 2012
    by Fancy Nancy

    These drinks look amazing and just what I need. This pregnancy I am super active however nervous that my newly GIANT sweet tooth is going to be counterproductive! Can’t wait to try them out!!

    • Posted June 20, 2012

      Hi Nancy,
      Congrats on your pregnancy! Great to hear you are active & hope that enjoying additional healthy juices helps your sweet tooth!

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