Mama, do you want to get rid of round ligament pain but nothing is working?

*I’ve got just what you need.*

image of round ligament pain relief

Minimize and prevent round ligament pain by properly strengthening your deep core!

This is what I love to teach. Simply reframing the way you move and hold your body can take pressure off of the round ligament.

While learning our unique strengthening techniques, you might not feel the connections at first. That’s no problem! Activating the deep core should be *gentle* and *light*.

>>When you stop drawing your belly to the spine and gripping deep core muscles, you create support of your growing bump rather than relying on your round ligament to do the work.<<

*Isn’t it funny how everything is connected?*

You shouldn’t have to force the body to do something, like drawing the abs in, because it can:

  • Exacerbate round ligament pain
  • Put pressure on the pelvic floor
  • Increase back pain
  • Prohibit connections within the body
  • Worsen pregnancy postural shifts

When you learn how to properly strengthen your deep core, it opens up so much possibility for your body as you go along your journey.

You have the opportunity to feel confident and empowered so you can enjoy pregnancy.

picture of free pregnancy workout

If you’re ready to learn our deep core strengthening techniques, I’d love to be your guide. Join us inside our Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness Prenatal Membership to get access to tutorials, workout videos and schedules, and group coaching. Get started >>HERE<< so you can prepare your body for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.

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