Shanna's FINAL Before/After Results!


Can you say “WOW”

I am so proud of how far Shanna has come! Yes maybe it was a bit slow in the beginning but that’s perfectly ok. As mom’s we try to do it all & sometimes we just need to take a deep breathe, slow down & do what’s best for us…taking care of us!

“If Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy” ~ & don’t forget it 😉

Did Shanna lose the total weight she wanted to from the beginning? No, but eventually she will & what she has accomplished is a complete transformation, burning excess fat & building strong, lean muscle. See my post on Fat vs. Muscle.  Exactly what happened with her is real-life. Trying to take care of yourself, to lose the baby weight (remember she had 3 babies in 3 years), eat healthy & exercise. That in itself is a challenge not including traveling with 3 littles, sick littles, & potty training! But in the end she did it & mostly importantly is continuing to keep her healthy habits that were created.                     The point being that slow progress is good progress. The slower (to a point) that you lose the weight the more likely it will stay off for good. No “diet’s” they really don’t work. Think about it, if it took you 3 years to put the weight on it’s not going to come off in 3 months! It also shouldn’t take 3 years. Remember your body is different, but good different, after baby(s).   Shanna’s Stats from December to May she lost…
  • Weight loss: 20 lbs!!!
  • Shoulders: almost 4 inches
  • Chest: almost 3 inches
  • Waist (smallest): 3 inches
  • Waist (biggest): 5 inches!!!!!
  • Hips: almost 2 inches
  • Thighs: 2 inches
  • Calf: almost 3 inches
  • Arms: 1 1/2 inches
  • In total she lost 23 inches!!!
  • BODY FAT lost: 3 1/2%

Look how happy she looks! Yay Shanna, you have been very motivational for many moms. Keep it up!





  • Posted June 25, 2011
    by angela

    amazing results – a testament to what dedication and an AWESOME trainer can do! great job ladies. 🙂

  • Posted June 25, 2011
    by Jen {Tiny Oranges}

    Shanna looks AMAZING!!!!! Great job to the both of you! Truly remarkable!

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