9 Pregnancy Myths!


When you’re expecting, everything and everyone seem to have an opinion about what is or is not best for you and your baby. All these suggestions can be very overwhelming– and many of these common beliefs about pregnancy are simply untrue! To help you along, here are 9 Pregnancy Myths!

1. Morning Sickness. Just about everything you hear about morning sickness is untrue, starting with its name. Hint: it doesn’t just happen in the morning! Thankfully it can often be kept under control, since for some (myself included) it may not end after the first trimester!

2. Heartburn Determines Hair. No evidence has been supported that shows babies will have hair if mom had heartburn. Instead, genetics and heritage play a role in both quantity and pigmentation of your baby’s hair.

3. Pregnant Moms Should Eat for 2. Often we hear that mom is ‘eating for two’, but this shouldn’t be taken literally. Instead of doubling up on calories, try adding a small, healthy snack throughout the day to add nutritional value– shoot for a snack that includes vitamin rich fruits or veggies, as well as a protein with healthy fats to make up around 300 calories (for example apple slices and nut butter).

4. Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E for Stretch Marks. Many women slather on stretch mark ‘preventing’ lotions, only to find they get attacked by little lines in the last months of pregnancy. While lotion will help keep skin soft and prevent dryness and cracking, stretch marks are mostly genetic and based on your individual body. Additionally, some lotions can cause irritation, allergic reaction, or contain ingredients you shouldn’t use during pregnancy– so be sure to read your labels!

5. You Can’t Lay on Your Back. While prolonged periods on your back after the first trimester aren’t recommended due to increased belly size, short periods of a few minutes to stretch,exercise, or get comfortable are usually safe  (see “Can I Lay on My Back” for more tips!). Your body may also give you signs to stay off your back, including; light-headedness or nauseousness while laying down. If this occurs, gently roll to your left side to improve blood flow.

6. No Baths. A bath can be a safe way to relax and suds up during pregnancy. For many women, a bath can also be a great tool for pain management during pregnancy and labor. Always be sure that your bath is a suitable temperature– around 99 degrees is comfortable, while ensuring you don’t become overheated.

7. Exercise is Dangerous. Of course, this is untrue as long as you’re safely performing suitable activities (like Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal Programs!). Exercising during pregnancy can improve your mood, health, pregnancy, and baby’s health– just be sure you’re cleared to exercise, are performing safe activities within your fitness range, and stay hydrated!!

8. Eat Spicy Foods to Induce. I read a lot into this when I was pregnant because I knew several moms trying to induce labor, and the reality is spicy food, as well as other ‘at-home-induction’ tricks are not effective and can cause discomfort! The concept behind eating spicy food, consuming Castor oil (a HUGE no-no!) and other myths is that these processes are supposed to help evacuate the bowels, making more room for your baby to drop. Unfortunately for many this simply means spending lots of time in the bathroom, extremely uncomfortable, and shows no scientific correlation to inducing labor! Instead enjoy your final days of pregnancy and let your baby come when ready.

9. A Bigger Baby is a Healthier Baby. Making it to your due date is ideal for baby’s health, but a bigger baby isn’t what we strive for. The average, healthy baby is about 7.5lbs– babies that are born a great deal larger than that are at a higher risk for emergency c-section births, obesity and diabetes later in life. This has been attributed to expecting moms’ diet, according to the March of Dimes, so getting a healthy amount of exercise and eating healthfully can go a long way for your baby’s health (and a more comfortable delivery!).
Hopefully these tips help you enjoy a safer, happier pregnancy! As always if you have any pregnancy-related questions or concerns, consult your doctors!


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3 Reasons You Should Be Swimming!


Swimming during pregnancy can be fantastic for your body and help you feel
great. If you’re cleared for exercise, here are three reasons why you’ll love
getting to the beach or the pool during your pregnancy.

1) Swimming can help reduce aches and pains. Since swimming is a low
impact activity, it can really help alleviate strain on joints and muscles. You’ll
also be buoyant in the water, so you can take a break from any extra
pregnancy weight or swelling and feel weightless.
2) It’s an amazing exercise! As a cardio activity, you can get your heart rate
up while swimming laps, treading water, or even doing gentle on-the-spot
jogging in the shallow end– and since water provides some resistance, you’ll
be working you’re muscles too! Its also a safe exercise to perform during
most stages of pregnancy since you’re in the water and won’t risk tripping or
3) You can make it family time– or ‘me’ time. Enjoy some time in the water
with your other little ones, your partner, or some time just to yourself. When
baby is here you’ll probably be busy– so you’ll be happy you spent some
quality time relaxing and enjoying the water!
Please keep in mind you should always listen to your body and are never
uncomfortable or struggling through an exercise. Always follow swimming
regulations and check for a lifeguard, especially if you are new to swimming.

It’s also easy to forget to stay hydrated when you’re in the water, so make
sure you’re drinking an appropriate amount of fluid for the time you spend

“Swimming helped my nausea to go away with my 2nd pregnancy and have
been told by other pregnant mamas it helped them as well, so it’s worth a try
to get in the pool. You never know, you may just absolutely love it! I know I
couldn’t wait to get in the pool since that’s the only time that I actually didn’t
feel sick for a couple months during my 2nd pregnancy.” ~Erica


~ Julianna

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Pregnancy Side Stretch {Video}

This side stretch feels amazing during and after pregnancy (& beyond really). A great stretch if you have middle or low back tightness. Check it out and let me know what you think.

*Always be sure your physician has approved you for exercise before beginning any exercise program*

Keep up the hard work!


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Check out this link for more videos too.

Fit Moms Fitting in Exercise!



Finding the time to make it to the gym every day can be challenging– especially if you’re working or have other children. It’s easy to make excuses to keep you out of the gym, but there are so many great exercises you can do at home to stay active during pregnancy! Need more incentive? Mom’s who exercise during pregnancy often experience fewer aches and pains, healthy pregnancy weight management, easier labor, fewer prenatal and postpartum complications, and healthier babies!

And there’s even better news– you don’t have to spend hours a day exercising to reap all the benefits. Just 30 to 60 minutes a day, which can even be divided into a morning and evening session, is all the time you need to feel great and stay healthy during pregnancy. Try some of the Knocked-Up Fitness DVD’s and digital programs– some of the online videos take as little as ten minutes and can provide both strength and cardio components. Keeping up with cardio exercises might seem tiring, especially when you’re farther along in your pregnancy, but remember that you can exercise to the intensity that feels best for you! Including cardio is extremely important in pregnancy to help keep your blood pumping, your heart healthy, and your endurance up. Combined with strengthening and lengthening exercises, like these Pilates infused prenatal exercises will help prepare your body for late pregnancy, labor, and carrying around baby as she grows!
If you’re finding it tough to remember to exercise, don’t be afraid to schedule it in. Make an appointment with yourself and a prenatal DVD or your yoga mat while you’re watching the morning news or when supper is cooking. Take a fifteen minute break at work to walk around the building or climb stairs– you could even consider bringing the gym to your office with a few light weights or an exercise ball. It’s all about making your exercise routine work for you so you can stick to it!
Remember to always listen to your body and only perform exercises and intensity levels that feel comfortable for you. Stay hydrated not only when working out, but during the day too, to avoid dehydration– which is extremely important for you and your baby! Always get cleared for exercise by your physician and discuss your exercise routines to ensure you’re activities are suitable for you and your bump!



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Julia’s Birth Story: Welcome Baby Ezra!

Ezra was evicted January 14th, 2014 and much like my first 2 sons, it was a pretty relaxed and easy delivery. I say evicted because at 39 weeks and 2 days I went in for a scheduled induction, out of fear of having a jumbo baby. They were concerned that he would be too large to labor naturally.
When I went to my midwife a week prior with contractions, we agreed that if by that time next week he hadn’t come on his own we would politely ask him to leave. Sure enough, despite contracting all week, by Tuesday the 14th at 7:30am he was still snug as a bug in a rug!
At 10 am they started me on Pitocin, by 1pm I hadn’t made much progress and was still terribly comfortable so they broke my water. Oh and terribly hungry at this point, I mean if I’m gonna drink my lunch I’d prefer it be a smoothie not beef broth and lime jello.YUCK! I didn’t start having contractions that were uncomfortable until around 5pm at that point I was still only 4-5cm dilated. Thanks to all the prenatal exercise I was able to be up and walking for most of my delivery, even did a little dancing! I had informed the fabulous nurses and my amazing midwife that I usually am really comfortable until about 7cm dilated and then I go from 7-10 FAST! A sure sign I’m in transition is I throw up, once that happens we have about 15 mins until go time. And sure enough at around 7:45 I puked and informed my husband it was time for me to get in the bed and he to go get some nurses.
The next 25 mins was a bit of a blur. When the midwife came to check me, baby was already in the birth canal and ready to roll. And roll he did, he came so quickly that I had to call for someone to come catch him, cause he was coming whether I pushed or not! I am so glad I had been squatting and stretching because with not so much as a Tylenol and minimal effort out came an 8lb 12oz handsome little man. Seriously I mean he is so handsome, its stupid.
He just turned 3 weeks today and is a happy, healthy, chunky baby. His brothers love him and always want to help. I’m feeling really good and itching to start working out again!

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Stay Fit & Healthy During Pregnancy with Knocked-Up Fitness {Video}


The path to regaining your pre-baby body begins during pregnancy.

Knocked-Up Fitness(R) is designed to be an effective &  fun way for expecting moms to stay active and in shape through all stages of pregnancy. The program includes a variety of exercises that specifically target and strengthen deep core muscles safely. Strengthening deep core muscles helps prepare your body for labor, delivery and recovery.

prenatal_program_templateDVD 1: Pilates-Infused Fitness

Discover the challenge and many benefits of this unique Prenatal Pilates-Infused Fitness program that fuses Pilates, cardio, and conditioning exercises for safe, effective and customized fitness. Mix and match the 5 different workouts to form your favorite routines!

DVD 2: Prenatal Core Pilates Workouts
True core building moves focus on the deep muscle of the abdominals. Discover how to safely strengthen your core and protect your baby with these unique Prenatal Core Pilates workouts — a mix of Core Cardio, Pilates, Yoga, and other fitness exercises.

Equipment needed for these workouts includes: an exercise ball, a light resistance band (included), a light pair of 2-3 lb. dumbbells (optional, but recommended), and a pillow (optional).

Available in a 2 DVD set (which includes a FREE exercise band) & now via Digital Streaming!


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7 Tips for Effective After-Baby Exercise


Giving your body time to heal after pregnancy and delivery is a key part of achieving your postpartum fitness goals.  By starting out slowly and listening to your body, you can effectively progress into an exercise routine that gets you the results you want– starting right after delivery!




1. Start your kegels ASAP– no really, I mean as soon as baby is out!  Working on your pelvic floor muscles is pretty easy, and its imperative to your total-body fitness!

2. Begin light walking if the doctor gives permission.

3. Wait for your postpartum visit (usually 6 weeks) before starting any challenging routine. Your body needs time to heal safely!

4. Avoid crunches until at least 8 to 10 weeks (longer if you had a C-section) & be sure to check for abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) before progressing to more challenging ad exercises but wait until at least 6 to 10 weeks postpartum before you check.



5. Avoid over stretching! Just like during pregnancy, in the weeks following delivery the relaxin hormone may stay present for around 8 weeks postpartum, this makes you more susceptible to injury and can actually further postpone your ability to intensify your exercise routine!

6. Avoid inner thigh stretches if you had a vaginal delivery until you feel everything has healed properly ‘down there’. Choosing to wait until your postpartum exam if you experienced a severe tear or had an episiotomy might be ideal, to be sure scar tissue has minimized.

7. Work your way backwards. Start back into strength and cardio training with the level of intensity you were comfortable with towards the end of your pregnancy. After each workout you can guage how much more (or less) your body is ready for at this time. Slowly increase the intensity and duration by listening to your body.

General Postpartum Guidelines:
* Aim to workout 30 minutes most days of the week
* A short workout , even just 10 minutes is better then no workout
* Strength train 2 to 4 times per week. Yes–that includes pilates, yoga and weight training!

* Keep up those healthy habits with The Healthy Lifestyle for the Busy Mom 21-day program.

Here are 2 workouts to get you started!
Pregnancy & Newborn 6 week fitness series: week 1 & week 2

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Julianna’s Birth Story: Welcome Baby Lincoln!


We are so happy to announce that our second little boy, Lincoln, joined mommy, daddy, and big brother Weston on January 10th! He is doing amazing– passing all his check-ups with flying colors, and I’m feeling pretty much back to normal just two weeks after delivery.


After nearly two weeks of contractions that got as close as 3 minutes apart, I was almost positive that I would never go into labor– at 38 weeks I figured I’d be having contractions for a few more weeks, and hopefully that meant my body would be ready to get baby out! At my 38 week appointment, 38 weeks 4 days pregnant, my doctor checked to see if all the contractions had made any progress from the 2cm I was dilated a week and a half before– (if you read my 37 week update, this was when I went to the hospital with contractions!). He estimated I was around 3cm, which to me didn’t sound like much progress, but he assured me that things can change in a minute– and he was right!

After my appointment that afternoon, I went home and carried on with my normal routine; getting organized from working that morning. When I went to bed I felt exactly the same as every other day.

At 3:00am I woke up with contractions, which at this point was nothing new for me– it had been going on almost two weeks. But, by about 10am it was starting to get pretty uncomfortable, still contracting around 3 minutes apart, I called my husband to give him the heads up, since for the previous weeks I was managing contractions on an exercise ball, and it was getting too uncomfortable to sit.
Within 2 hours we were packed up and arrived at the hospital– with our three year old. I didn’t want to leave him with the sitter, because I honestly believed it would just be unprogressive contractions again. When we got to the hospital I was 4cm dilated, and they immediately admitted me, and we had no idea what to do with our 3 year old. Luckily, all those ‘practice’ contractions and pregnancy exercises must have paid off– by the time my husband and son went to get some lunch and came back (about an hour) I was 6cm, and the AMAZING nurse who was taking care of me said, “By the way you’re laboring– it’s going to be fast and by the time you want something for pain, it’s going to be time!”

She must have helped deliver a lot of babies, because within another hour I was at 9.5cm, and ready for baby to be OUT! I made it all the way through labor walking around the room, and bouncing on an exercise ball– just like with my first baby– and I was so happy to have avoided an epidural again! My water had to be broken at 10cm so I could push– and within 3 pushes our perfect little 7lb 8oz guy was here at 2:53 pm!
I still can’t believe how fast the whole thing happened! I had been planning on going into work at 4pm, and would never have thought I would have a baby before then– even the delivering doctor commented on how quick it was. We were so fortunate that the labor and delivery receptionist wasn’t swamped that day– my 3 year old was just two rooms down from me my entire labor, watching some shows and snacking on his lunch! As soon as baby was put on my chest, my first boy came in and got to meet his little brother, and they already love each other so much! I couldn’t ever thank her enough for making it possible for him to be there safely so my husband could be there during the delivery!

Thank you all for following my baby journey! We are only a week out from delivery, but I will definitely keep you updated on my after baby exercise adventure!


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