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Making exercise a part of your routine is what Knocked-Up Fitness is all about– and I think it is super important to have workout outfits that are cute and comfortable, to get you excited to put them on and get sweating! I’m very excited to be a part of the Fabletics Masters Program too!


Fabletics offers a complete line of soft, comfy exercise gear for a variety of activities.  You can complete their quick customer profile, where you choose what you like to wear, how you like to wear it, and the type of exercises you need your active wear to be suitable for– then choose from a variety of outfit options tailored just for you! The best part is Fabletics gear is super affordable and great quality, which is especially important for your changing pregnancy body! Plus, its great after baby when you’re working hard to return to your pre-baby body (or even better).



Visit the Fabletics Website to take advantage of getting your first outfit for only $25 + FREE SHIPPING!!!


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Tips for Pregnancy Exercise: Knocked-Up Fitness Featured on FitPregnancy.com!!

Maintaining a fitness routine during pregnancy can be challenging, but more and more studies show that prenatal exercise can benefit the health of both you and your baby! FitPregnancy.com is featuring an article (9 Pregnancy-Friendly Treadmill Tips), and incorporating some of my favorite tips for safe, effective cardio exercise during pregnancy!


“The best way to figure out if you aren’t working hard enough, or if you are working too hard, is to imagine someone running or walking next to you.”

Performing this Talk Test is an excellent tool in gauging a safe range of cardio exercise during pregnancy. Be sure to check out some of the Knocked-Up Fitness prenatal workouts and videos you can definitely fit in at home, no matter how much time you have to dedicate to working out today! As always, listen to your body and check with your doctor to be sure you’re cleared to exercise.

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Introducing Real Mom Blogger Keri Lynn Ford, 18 Weeks Pregnant!


Knocked-Up Fitness is very excited to introduce trainer and pregnant momma Keri Lynn Ford to the Real Mom Blogs! At 18 weeks into her first pregnancy, Keri discusses the excitement of pregnancy so far, and her positive outlook on working in the fitness industry while being Knocked-Up!



Q: Tell us a little about yourself.
A: I am a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), an ACE-certified lifestyle and weight management coach, as well as a Mad Dogg Athletics certified spin instructor. After college, where I was a cheerleader at the University of Deleware, I spent years as a Celebrity Trainer, working with people like Alison Sweeney fromThe Biggest Loser, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Laura Prepon and Kaley Cuoco. I also previously organized and coordinated bootcamps in Los Angeles sponsored by Jillian Michaels’ online program. Now, I have put all of my knowledge and experience into my role as creator and head of IgniteGirls®, an online fitness community for women. I am also currently 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby!

Q: What has your pregnancy experience been so far?
A: I have earned the nickname Firecracker Ford, so as you can imagine, one of the hardest side effects I have had to deal with is fatigue. I have a hard time getting out of bed feeling refreshed (in part because of my insanely disturbing pregnancy dreams) and ready to take on the day. It feels like everything takes a little longer than I would like. On the days I feel more like me, I just make sure to run with it!

Q: What is the most exciting part of pregnancy so far? What are you most nervous about?
A: I’m really excited that this is my first baby. That being said, that also scares the s%&t out of me. I actually had a miscarriage earlier this year, so I feel all the more grateful this time around. While there are many things that can go wrong during a pregnancy, I have tried to focus on all the things that can go right! Meditation and breathing exercises have helped calm my anxieties, especially through those first several weeks when I was most on edge. I can’t wait to meet a little mini version of me and my husband; I think that will be the fun part, along with watching the baby experience all of his or her “firsts” in the world.

Q: What are your favorite prenatal fitness activities?
A: Spin class has always been my go-to. I am still teaching once a week, for as long as I can. After baby is born, I know I will be really excited to get back in the saddle. I love designing the workouts to upbeat playlists; it keeps me and the class motivated, since you can’t help but move to the beat. In addition, I have been continuing to lift a few times a week, with the appropriate modifications.

Q: Any activities you’re finding more challenging or more enjoyable with this pregnancy?
A: Everything. As a previous fitness competitor who loves intense exercises like boxing, spinning and gymnastics, it’s amazing how much I need to scale things back simply because I am out of breath so quickly. In general, my motivation to even do simple tasks was lacking, but thankfully, now that I am in the second trimester my energy has picked up a bit!

Q: How are you finding balancing working in the fitness industry while pregnant?
A: There is definitely a little pressure to “keep my figure” because I feel like everyone is watching, but at the same time, I really have loosened the reigns on being so regimented with my diet and exercise. There was a time when I weighed all of my food out and knew every body measurement. I don’t want to know that now. I want to know that my baby is healthy, and that I am doing the best I can with how I feel on that given day. If I feel great, I will embrace it and use that energy burst to do some extra cooking in bulk, go for a walk with the dog or head to the gym. If not, I am ok with laying low too. The best thing about running an online fitness community, is that I work from my home office. This flexibility has saved me, and I give so much credit to the working moms who have to leave the house and go to an office full-time.

Q: What has surprised you most about being pregnant and maintaining or changing your exercise routine?
A: I didn’t expect to continue doing back flips or handstand push ups, but I also didn’t expect to feel tired as easily. Everyone is different though, and the key for me will be to listen to my body. I crave stretching, especially for some tightness in my back. I’ve also been doing about a half hour of low impact cardio on the elliptical followed by targeted resistance training – it feels so good to get my heart rate up a little bit and engage my muscles.

Q: Do you have a birth plan?
A: I am working with a fantastic doctor and I plan to deliver at the beautiful, new hospital just a few miles from our house!

Q: Any baby gear you have to have or really want?
A: I’m still doing research about the many, MANY things that are “must-haves,” but I think next on my list is a u-shaped pillow for sleeping more comfortably. I also want to make sure to get a durable stroller – I don’t see myself jogging with one, but definitely some brisk walks in the fresh air.

Q: What 3 words best describe the kind of mom you hope to be?
A: Loving, inspiring and supportive.

Q: Any pregnancy cravings?
A: My family and friends know I have a killer sweet tooth, and a hard time turning away a dessert (especially ice cream!), but during my pregnancy I am loving salt! I’m trying to keep my choices low sodium so I don’t blow up like a blow fish, but a salty soup or sour cream and onion potato chips never tasted so good. I’ve also craved creamy textures like milk (I stick to organic!) and cheese. This is probably because I didn’t drink milk for such a long period of time during my competition days. The hardest part is making an effort to eat enough protein. Greek yogurt with fruit, lean organic beef and eggs have been my staples, but I haven’t been a fan of chicken as of late.

Q: What is your favorite thing about pregnancy?
A: As an admitted biology geek, I think it is just SO COOL that there is a baby growing inside of me – I mean, seriously how amazing is that? It really is a miracle! I love reading about week to week changes, hearing the baby’s heart beat and seeing the ultrasounds. Those are my favorite parts, hands down.

Q: On the flip side; your least favorite thing?
A: Prego brain! Oh Mylanta! I pride myself on being organized, and even thinking three steps ahead. I keep ending up at the grocery store a few times a week because I keep forgetting what I went in there for in the first place! The lack of memory is making me crazy and frustrated.

Q: What have you found most difficult to adjust to during pregnancy?
A: I think most people would expect me to say my changing body is the most difficult adjustment, but bring it ON – I am embracing the curves! I’m keeping my food choices clean 85% of the time and maintaining a regular gym routine, so I am not incredibly worried about the after. I don’t want to put pressure on myself to be back to my pre-pregnancy body within a certain time frame, and I plan on enjoying every second of this new adventure.

Q: Anything else you want to add?
A: I hope that my pregnancy journey gives me even more insight into my clients that are currently pregnant, trying to conceive or starting a journey as new mommies. I also look forward to developing some new online materials and lifestyle programs specifically for the IgniteMommies. I look forward to hearing from all of you! You can find me at www.IgniteGirls.com and connect on any of our social media platforms there.


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Check back with our Real Moms soon!



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Real Mom Blogs: 32 Week Bump Update with Julianna


Officially 8 full months pregnant, or starting the 9th month– or 32 weeks? Calculating how far along I am is probably the most confusing part of pregnancy for me. With so many ways to say, “I’m almost due” at this point I just stick to telling interested strangers that baby is expected sometime in January. Most doctors will tell you a due date is essentially a ‘due estimation’– since all babies develop at different paces; some come early, some come late and according to my doctor only about 2% of babies are born on their due date! With my last I went 4 weeks early, and with this baby I could go two weeks overdue– you just never know. This means baby #2 could, realistically, be born in December, January, or February– so I’ve decided instead of a due date, I’m calling it a due season!



All About Baby
At this point, babies will start to really vary in size– since some are 10lbs at birth, while others weigh in around 6 full-term. The estimated size of little bean this week is about 4lbs and 17.5 inches, and baby is still trying to pack on as much fat as possible to prepare for life on the outside. Luckily, this hasn’t meant that I’m packing on the pounds, but at my appointment this week I officially hit 20lbs weight gain– I gained about 27 with my first, so hopefully I’m on the right track to repeat! Baby is working on perfecting the skills needed at birth, and at this point we’re just waiting on lung development for baby to be completely ready!!

More About Mama
With this baby, I’m really noticing lower back and hip joint discomfort in the last two weeks. It hurts to get in and out of the car, bed, or my shoes– which is annoying. Sitting on a stability ball is about the only thing I’ve found that eases it, doing hip rotations and Knocked-Up Fitness Push Prep while seated on the ball improves my ability to stand up without whining, which I’m extremely grateful for! Otherwise, I’m still feeling pretty good when exercising, adding in modifications where necessary, since touching my toes has become a bit more challenging (try putting on socks!). My one major physical complaint is the all-day heartburn, I’m really, really tired of feeling like a fire-breathing dragon, and I can’t wait for that part to subside!

I’m also noticing a bit of an energy decrease, just normal pregnancy fatigue, but none the less challenging; especially at work. Trying to take a few minutes to do a task at work that involves sitting, staying hydrated, and getting to bed at night (or, passing out reading a magazine at 9pm) is really important at this point. Two important points this week: 1) I have learned that having a healthy snack every few hours makes a world of difference. I am entirely obsessed with clementines! And 2) exercising really does energize you– in the least it makes you feel like a super-hero for making it through when you’re tired! I will usually try to relax for 15mins before attempting to exercise if I’m feeling really run down, since I don’t want to overdo it this far in, and can usually perform exercises more efficiently and properly if I’ve had a chance to recharge first.
With all the holiday preparations going on, it’s really easy to leave exercise off the to-do list, but especially with baby coming soon I think it’s super important to fit in at least a few minutes every day. Try some of these simple moves and tips from Erica if you’re cleared for exercise but strapped for time!


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Managing Pregnancy Anxiety & Depression: 3 Tips From Moms & Experts!


Pregnancy marks one of the greatest times of change in a pregnant moms life. Physical, emotional, and hormonal changes can impact your mood. For many women, mixed in with the joy and excitement, pregnancy can trigger feelings of anxiety and fear. According to The American Pregnancy Association, the number of pregnant women who exhibit signs of depression could be as high as 1 in 4, and it is so important that women reach out to their doctors, families, and friends when experiencing prenatal depression. Here are 3 tips to help give you manage any anxiety or depression-type feelings:


Tip # 1 – Take it Slowly and Enjoy the Little Things

Understanding how depression feels is the first important step in treatment. Often pregnant mom’s don’t think they could be experiencing depression, since pregnancy is usually considered a time of such great joy. Brittany, from the Knocked-Up Fitness Real Mom Blogs discussed her experiences with prenatal depression. She shares, “I had experienced bad days similar to the rest of humanity, but I can honestly say that I had never been depressed to the point where I felt stagnant in my own life”. Understanding that depression is nothing to be ashamed of and very treatable is the first step to feeling better. This was Brittany’s experience:

“For some reason during my first trimester, I could not shake this feeling of utter despair and loathing. I had lost complete control of my body and my emotions, leading to a feeling of helplessness. Due to this lack of control in my life, I completely abandoned my workout routine (which was a shock to my husband since I had worked out two hours a day before getting pregnant). I started skipping work just to lay in bed and run to the bathroom every five minutes. I distanced myself from friends and family members, and even my husband’s attempts to brighten my day failed.

Similar to most women, I did not mention my current state of mind to my doctor. I pretended to be happy during each office visit, but I could not shake the thought that began to enter my mind: I wish I was not pregnant so I could be me again. I know admitting this single thought probably will earn me the “worst woman of the year” award, but it was honestly how I felt at the time.”

Learning to become herself again, or ‘waking up’, as Brittany says, started with little steps– literally.

“I walked the dog for 10 minutes just to get out of the house. I forced myself to go to the gym with my husband, even if all I did was sit stagnantly on the exercise bike for an hour and watch Netflix on my phone (yes, I was “that” woman for a while). I began cooking my favorite dishes that reminded me of my grandmother and filled my house with the familiar smells of my childhood. Then slowly I began emerging from this thick fog that surrounded my pregnancy.

Once I began “waking up,” I found a prenatal yoga class that began to help me reconnect with myself and my growing child. This weekly class soon became my salvation as each Thursday night I found myself craving a yoga mat and the relaxation that soon followed. Also, just being around other pregnant women helped me realize that this was a period in my life that I should embrace and cherish. Toward the third month, my husband and I started attending a weekly birth preparation class. As cliché as it may sound, surrounding myself with women who were also on this pregnancy roller coaster helped me realize that I did not have to suffer alone.”

Connecting with your partner, your baby, and most importantly yourself can help you overcome the feelings associated with depression.

Tip # 2 – Exercise!

While there are many causes and levels of severity of depression, a study Harvard Health Publications out of Harvard Medical School showed that 60-70% of people experiencing depression could significantly reduce their depression symptoms through exercise– interestingly, the same percentage of people whose symptoms are reduced through medication.

The most exciting part of this study is that it won’t take hours of sweating at the gym each day to reduce anxiety and depression. Simple, moderate exercises you can do at home, around your block, or at the park with your kids can provide the activity level necessary to achieve the benefits of exercising. Try to incorporate stretching, cardio, and body weight training, and find what you enjoy most and what feels best for your body. Exercising does amazing things for the body, and treating depression and anxiety is just one of them. During pregnancy, exercising can improve balance and stability, self-esteem, sleep patterns, blood pressure, and increase social interaction– and it can be fun!

The study found that approximately 35 minutes a day, 5 days a week– or 60 minutes a day three days a week– of moderate exercise can impact depression so heavily that patients are no longer classified with the diagnosis. A follow up study found that participants who exercised for six months after the study had maintained and improved symptom reductions. These results are based on a 150lb person, exercising at the intensity of fast-walking, and based on your weight or previous activity level you may need to adjust your intensity and duration– start by getting clearance from your doctor on the level of intensity you’re approved for.

Tip # 3 — Discuss Alternatives with Your Doctor

Experts have known for many years that exercise releases endorphins– the body’s natural feel-good chemical that reduces pain perception and increase immunity, and also believe that exercise stimulates the neurotransmitter norephinepherine– which may directly improve mood. Leading hollistic specialist have discussed depression and natural treatments, including Dr. Russell Blaylock and Dr. Andrew Weil, who strongly believe in using natural approaches to improving our daily lives. These experts note several naturally occurring supplements and biological chemicals have been shown to have a positive effect on depression and anxiety:
  • Vitamin D boosts brain development and function, improves chemical signal reception, and increases the function of monoamines like serotonin– a natural, biological chemical that makes us feel good.
  • Plant phytochemicals, both in foods and supplements, naturally contain antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties– improving dopamine function.
  • Low levels of zinc, B12, and Omega 3′s have also been associated with depression symptoms, so you might consider a supplement or capsules– or be sure your prenatal vitamin includes enough of each.
  • A probiotic supplement or consuming foods with pro and prebiotics have been linked to reduced cases of depression.  This is how some medications will treat depression.
Natural approaches have been studied a great deal more in the last decade, and are continuing to be studied– and in many cases, natural supplements have provided similar symptom reduction to medications– without the side effects and dangers associated with some medications taken during pregnancy. Often doctors will prescribe medications to control and balance depression, which can greatly improve the quality of life for someone experiencing depression, but you should always be an advocate for your own health by researching how to best control your symptoms. Talking to your doctors about the safety of specific depression medications can ease your concern, and together you can confidently make a decision on the treatment style that is best for you.
Many people who suffer from depression can successfully overcome their symptoms, like our Real Mom, Brittany, who was able use exercise, food, communication, and enjoying things that made her happy to manage her feelings. Controlling depression during pregnancy can be intimidating, but by using these tips and talking to your doctor you can enjoy your pregnancy and start feeling better!

~ Julianna

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Knocked-Up Fitness T-Shirt, Prenatal + After Baby DVD’s (now available for instant access via Digital Streaming!)


Live Life Fit Food Scale + Blender Bottle by Fitlosophy


Accell Bag by Live Well 360 – makes a great diaper/mom bag too!


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Have a wonderful Holiday Season!


POPSUGAR Live! 4 At-Home Prenatal & Postpartum Exercises

Fitting in time to exercise as a new or expectant mom can be challenging– especially with the upcoming holiday season! I recently talked with Lindsay Miller from POPSUGAR Moms, to share tips for getting an awesome workout in at home, and maintaining a fitness routine when you`re strapped for time! So check it out below!

Be sure to check out some of the Knocked-Up Fitness prenatal workouts and videos you can definitely fit in at home, no matter how much time you have to dedicate to working out today! As always, listen to your body and check with your doctor to be sure you’re cleared to exercise.

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Foam Rolling to Release Tension in Your Lower Back!

Many pregnant and new moms experience low back and hip pain.  These simple release exercises using a foam roller can really help release the tension in your lower back and hips. As always be sure to discuss your workouts with your doctor and if something doesn’t feel good for your body, don’t do it!


Incorporate these releases in your daily workout routine. It’s best to do after you’re warmed up, ideally after you’ve done one of the prenatal workouts or squats with rotation. Then again if needed at the very end of your workout.

Keep up the great “work”outs mamas!


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