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Performing effective and safe exercises, like the squat,  during pregnancy and postpartum is essential to functional movement in your daily life.

Squat Pulses are great for keeping your legs strong (of course) and for strengthening of your deep core as well. Plus, adding a squat variation to your exercise routine can help with prevention of, and reduction of existing back pain during pregnancy and beyond.

Life as a busy mama doesn’t mean your body has to hurt, too! The best way to avoid aches and pains associated with pregnancy and postpartum are to strengthen the core and surrounding muscle groups. These muscles will help you support the extra burden of pregnancy weight and carrying your little one(s). Working to build up strength early on in pregnancy (or even pre-pregnancy) is an effective way to enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy. Another bonus of squat pulses? These exercises help you to find and target your deep core– which may help you improve your delivery AND recovery after baby is born.


Enjoy my Squat Pulses (and Lunges) video below!

Join us for our #SafeMamaSquat Campaign to learn simple tips you can start doing today to help you and your body feel better, improve how you do your squats, lunges and even picking up your little one(s) and those pesky toys!

Squat Pulses:

  1. Standing in a wide squat position (keeping your feet and knees aligned with your hips).
  2. Rise up just part way (find the spot where you feel the underside of your legs doing most of the work).
  3.  Then exhale doing small, controlled squat pulses moving only through a small range of motion where you feel like you are lifting your booty!

Do this exercise in sets of 10 to 20 reps. Remember to check with your doctor if you’re new to exercising, to be sure you’re safe to start an exercise program!


Hope you enjoy this Squat Variation… Don’t forget to join our #SafeMamaSquat challenge!

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