Can I make a confession? I have pelvic floor activation all throughout my day!

>>Not only is it easy to incorporate, but it’s also one of the best ways to begin healing and strengthening the deep core.<<

Now that I have helped over 10,000 women do the same, I have developed some cues to help you.

*And no, Beautiful, Kegels are NOT included!*


There’s a misconception that the pelvic floor is the size of a quarter. When in reality it is so much more than that.

Your pelvic floor encapsulates the entire base of the pelvis.

>>Visualize your pelvic floor running from sitz bone to sitz bone and tailbone to pubic bone.<<

Mindset is a powerful tool when learning about pelvic floor activation. It takes time, but with practice, you will be able to feel these connections.

image of pelvic floor activation

You’ll hear me say to lengthen up tall through the top of your head. *And that’s so important!* But it’s also important to make sure it’s done with proper deep core connection.

>>Creating length should start at the base of your pelvic floor.<<

Remember this as you carry yourself throughout your day to help minimize low back and neck pain.


Breathwork has become a staple in my movement practice.

As you work on your pelvic floor activation, bring awareness to your breath.

>>Inhale to relax the pelvic floor and exhale to bring the 4 points lightly together.<<

Feeling your breath go down into your pelvic floor won’t happen overnight, but give yourself some grace. Good things take time!

*Have you fallen in love with pelvic floor function, like me?!*

pelvic floor guide

Whether you’re healing incontinence or just learning about your pelvic floor, I know you’ll love my Pelvic Floor Guide. It has everything you need to get you started with proper pelvic floor activation. Download it >>HERE<< and learn something new about your body today!

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