Meet Annie Tinker, Certified Knocked-Up Fitness® and Wellness Prenatal and Postnatal Instructor, Birth Doula and Certified Personal Trainer. Married to Carson and expecting her first baby this November!

“I started in the fitness industry as a personal trainer before getting into Prenatal training – I noticed a lack of options for my, then pregnant, sisters and needed to change that! I love helping moms stay fit and healthy even when they have little to no time.”

You can find Annie and other fitness professionals that have gone through my Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist Instructor Certification here. I had the pleasure of teaching Annie when I first was teaching my Pre/Postnatal course in Newport Beach, CA, and right away I could see her passion for prenatal fitness.

I’m excited to share that Annie will be joining me with my prenatal online membership, helping answer your questions in our private facebook group and adding some of her educational tutorials and exercises to add even more amazing content to what’s already there!

picture of pre post natal membership from Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness

Q & A with Annie:

Erica: Favorite workout and favorite exercises to do when traveling (no equipment needed)?

Annie: Tricep dips off a chair and squat/lunge combo

Erica: Best thing you learned from my Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist course?

Annie: So many good things! Correctly finding the pelvic floor was huge for my training as well as the correct cueing for the movements.

Erica: Fav inspirational quote?

Annie: “Not my circus, Not my monkeys” reminds me all the time to only take on what I can handle!

Erica: Best pregnancy advice for our pregnant mamas?

Annie: Drink so much water! And move every day even during that hard 1st trimester, getting outside for even a short walk will help so much!

Erica: Favorite workout wear during your 1st trimester?

Annie: Currently my Lululemon high waisted leggings- feel amazing during my workouts with this growing boy!

Erica: Healthy go-to snack?

Annie: Carrot sticks and hummus are always in my gym bag


Annie lives in Jacksonville, Florida and is an instructor for both prenatal and postnatal clients, in private and group training sessions.

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