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Wondering if Core Rehab is right for you?

Here are some mom’s whose testimonials show that it is possible to rehab your core after baby. These mama’s know all about finding time to make yourself and your health a priority. They’re sharing the details about their journey so far with the Core Rehab Program!


Core Rehab Testimonials

For a more in depth look at why so many mom’s are loving the Core Rehab Program, we’re sharing what client’s are telling us about their experience. Whether you’re postpartum after your first baby, or have multiple older children, any mom can benefit from Core Rehab! Learning to properly connect with your core during every movement during your day (not just while exercising!) will reduce aches and pains, and help you achieve the stability and strength you need each day. Here are some Core Rehab mamas sharing what makes this program so effective for mama’s!

Core Rehab- Megan's Journey

Core Rehab- Elizabeth's Journey

Core Rehab- Melissa's Journey

Check out our more in depth article on Diastasis Recti and why the core is so complex and why mom’s need to focus on that deep core connection!

If you’re one of our pregnant mama’s, get ahead of the game by checking out this blog on Abdominal Separation.  Then head over and join the Knocked-Up Fitness Membership to receive all the safe and effective exercises for mama’s. With your membership you’ll receive tons of exercises, tutorials, recipes and bonus materials!

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