*To keep your knees from hurting when doing leg work keep a majority of your weight towards your heel, not your toes*

Side Lunge with Twist is great for After Baby ~ work on getting those buns back & strengthening your hips 🙂

**Always check with your Doctor before beginning any exercise program**

Focus: Abs/Core, Shoulders & Butt
  • Start using light to no weights until you get the movement correct.
  • Think “Ribs to Hips” & “Scoop your belly In & Up”
  • Stick your butt out & think of “wrapping & lifting” under your butt.
  • Keep a majority of your body weight towards your heel & not your toes.
  • Keep your shoulder drawing down away from your ears
  • Omit the arm movement until you get the leg movement down.
  • Shorten your range of motion if you feel it in your knees or back
  • If you feel it more in your back then abs – engage your abs more – or don’t twist
Always be sure you have the smaller range of motion/basic movements down before you progress on…. Sets: 1-3 Reps: 10-20 Weights: 0-5lbs What is your favorite butt exercise? ~E ]]>


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