Forward rolls are a wonderful pregnancy ab exercise, plus incredible for keeping your back feeling it’s best!

Keeping your core strong is key to core health! What we need to achieve it the right kind of strong. This is extremely important during pregnancy, postpartum and anytime in life! Watch my video below for full instructions and some extra tips too!

Strengthening Your Core with Forward Rolls

Forward Rolls:

  1. Inhale to lengthen tall and long
  2. Exhale to round your spine and slowly roll forward articulating your spine while keeping your weight in your hips (keep your hips behind your knees)
  3. Inhale as you lightly press into the exercise ball while lengthening your spine. You should feel a light spreading between your sits-bones to better feel your pelvic floor.
  4. Exhaling initiating your movement by lightly zipping up your pelvic floor and deep core as you slowly articulating your spine roll back up to start.
  5. Do 5-10 reps slowly with a big focus on breathing and your deep core.

You should never feel a lot of pressure or stress on your abdomen, especially your pelvic floor!

Keeping your hips back behind your knees keeps the intra-abdominal pressure low making this a great pregnancy ab exercise (also good if you have diastasis recti). Also when I mention avoiding exercises that you feel pressure on your pelvic floor or leaking/incontinence, it’s extremely important to follow this instruction. Please avoid that pressure during pregnancy and after – yes beyond pregnancy!

If you are experiencing incontinence or pelvic floor pressure you can and need to work on properly strengthening your deep core. My Prenatal + Postnatal Membership is there for you pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond to educate, empower and prepare women for the next chapter in their life.

Because you can and should be strengthening your core, BUT you must be doing it in the correct way.

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