You may have recently read about how HypnoBirthing helped Kate Middleton achieve a pleasurable birth and wondered if it can work for you too? Or maybe this is your first time seeing the term at all. Regardless of what you know, or don’t know, about HypnoBirthing, you will soon learn the basics of this birthing philosophy and how its childbirth education course gives you the tools to achieve your ideal birth. 

So, I have a few follow up questions to ask you:

  • When you imagine your ideal birth, what do you see?
  • Are you too nervous to think about it or can you allow yourself to visualize your perfect experience?

More often than not, that visualization is inhibited by fear. We’ve been conditioned to believe that birth can be painful and even traumatic. The mothers who had a natural, unmedicated experience are believed to be the exception, not the rule. But HypnoBirthing challenges these notions. 

HypnoBirthing is based on the belief that birth is natural and doesn’t have to be painful!

image of my experience with hypnobirthing
How Is HypnoBirthing Done?

If we can trust our bodies to breathe, we can trust our bodies to bring a baby into this world. HypnoBirthing classes guide expectant mothers through the instinctive process that is birth, thus dispelling the myths that often surround it. We learn that fear initiates the release of restrictor hormones that slow labor and make it painful. Alternatively, remaining relaxed encourages the release of endorphins that create a more pleasurable state. When your systems are free to function optimally, you can more easily embrace an empowering, calm birth.

As intuitive as these processes are, the skills taught in class help prepare your mind and body for the special day. HypnoBirthing focuses heavily on breath, deep relaxation exercises, visualization techniques and light touch massage, all of which become second nature after some practice. These fundamental and impactful tools are always accompanied by a thorough, evidence-based educational portion that teaches the science of how your body works beautifully through the birthing process. With this comprehensive approach, the mother gains even more confidence in her abilities.

What To Expect From HypnoBirthing

During the five weekly 2.5 hour classes, as the mother awakens to what her body knew all along, her birth companion learns how to be the support that she needs. This aspect was the most meaningful for me personally during my birth. The insight and practice that my husband received during the course ended up making all the difference in how my twins were born and saved me from unnecessary medical interventions. 

My Birth Story 

When I went into labor at 38 weeks and 5 days, I thought it was going to be quick and easy. I had visualized the birth that I wanted, but that was threatened the minute I entered the birthing center. None of my regular doctors were on call and a fill-in doctor was there instead. She disregarded my birth preferences that the other doctors had agreed to and decided that she would perform a c-section. Completely shocked, but still confident in my body’s ability for a natural, unmedicated birth, I remained in my relaxation bubble. My husband also took on the role that he had prepared for and relentlessly spoke with the staff. He managed to convince them to call another doctor who agreed to arrive for the birth itself. That is exactly what happened! After only 4 hours of labor, my son and then daughter were born!

HypnoBirthing was not only paramount in shaping the outcome of my birth, but it also empowered my postpartum journey. The emphasis on bonding with your unborn baby (or babies) made the first few days less terrifying. The relaxation techniques that I learned helped me more easily breastfeed.

Although there is no one size fits all birth, and sometimes interventions can be necessary, I can share firsthand that the more prepared, relaxed and confident you and your birth companion are, the greater the chance that your baby can be born as you imagine. I truly hope that all expectant mothers give themselves the opportunity to learn more about HypnoBirthing and reclaim control of their births!

Gal Shyli became a Knocked Up Fitness® Exercise Specialist after her positive experiences with the Knocked-Up Fitness® and Wellness prenatal membership and Erica Ziel’s postpartum Core Rehab program. She is also a Marie Mongan HypnoBirthingⓇ Childbirth Educator and hopes to empower women to achieve their ideal birth. You can find her on Instagram @galshyli or email her at

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