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As we near the end of January many of you may find yourself starting to slip away from your new years resolutions already – yikes! So let’s take a new look at those resolutions – or as I like to call them “goals”. Creating resolutions may just seem like to big a task to actually accomplish. Instead, let’s make goals that you will actually be able to accomplish and feel amazing doing so!



By all means shoot for the stars! Figure out your BIG goal – write it down – then let’s figure out what 2-5 things you need to actively do to reach your BIG goal. It’s about action! Find those action items – write them down.


For me this year I really want to do more yoga – not just learn it – but do yoga for me…I teach a lot (pilates and strength training mostly) and believe it or not sometimes I just want someone else to tell me what to do. Instead of me having to always think about what move or exercise comes next (because I do that ALL the time).






In order for me to do more yoga I have to figure out where to fit it into my busy life of training, building a biz, oh and yes, I have 3 kids and an amazing hubby that fill up every ounce of time I’m home. So for me I have a couple options:

  1. Do yoga at home – which is great when I’m at home all day with the kiddos plus they get to see me be active and they love to join in too! Really a great option for you busy mamas that don’t have time to go to the gym. I do understand that sometimes after you’ve spent all day running around after them and/or working the thought of actually “working out” is exhausting…but even 10 minutes on a regular basis can make a BIG difference and you are setting a wonderful example for your little ones!
  2. Find a class to attend – many of my favorite yoga instructors teach at the same time I do, so typically I must go in an evening when hubby’s home to watch the kiddos. I love my evenings with my family so this one’s challenging, but I’ll go if that ends up being my only option for the week because my hubby and I make it a priority for us both to get our workouts in on an almost daily basis…Sometimes you just have to schedule your workouts in, even if they aren’t the most convenient.
  3. Squeeze in some yoga between clients at the gym – honestly this is my most “realistic” option since I’m already in the gym and in the “workout” mindset. But then there’s the reformer and weights…lots of choices J I know for many of you this isn’t an option because your not in a gym all day – but, you can use your breaks, baby’s naptime or lunch break during the day to squeeze in even a short workout.


Hmmm….just too much to do and so little time…but I really am trying to do more yoga this year and I wanted to share with you 8 of my favorite yoga poses in my new Target® C9 workout gear!


Which, I can happily say fits me really well and I’m comfortable wearing the Target® C9 workout wear all day. That’s saying a lot since I live in workout clothes. There was no pulling or tugging on any of the three pieces (especially the pants, I was super happy with the fit!) – plus what’s not to love because it’s affordable! I bought all three pieces for $65 at my local Target®! $65 for three articles of clothing – seriously, for real? That’s less than I’ve paid in the past for a typical pair of pants that’s in my closet right now. Super impressed!




Premium Capri Legging ($34.99) @ Target®

Ribbed Tank ($7.78) @ Target®

Medium Support Compression Sports Bra ($16.99) @ Target®


I also found a couple maternity tops online for you pregnant mamas:  Maternity Tank ($22.99) &  Maternity Halter Fit & Flare Tank ($24.99)


Always listen to your body and be sure your physician has approved you for exercise. I added “Pregnant?” with an answer for each exercise and “Modify” with modifications for each exercise. If an exercise doesn’t feel good for your body – don’t do it. Find the modification or focus on the exercises you can do and as you become stronger you’ll be able to do more (a couple exercises are more challenging and NOT for pregnancy). I love yoga but during pregnancy I recommend focusing on strength and stability and be cautious to avoid over-stretching. Stretches should feel good and never painful. 



Down Dog

Pregnant? Love for pregnancy, be sure they feel good for you as your pregnancy progresses. Replace with Cat Cows once they no longer feel good for you.

Modify – bend your knees to allow your lower back to flatten.




Down Dog Twist

Pregnant? Can do early on but recommend avoiding later on in pregnancy.




Single Leg Bridge

Pregnant? A great exercise during pregnancy as long as you feel good on your back.

Modify – keep both feet on the ground.





Pregnant? A great exercise during pregnancy.

Modify – use a chair or something stable to hang onto to help you balance.




Warrior 2

Pregnant? Love warrior 2 for pregnancy, a great exercise to help open up your hips.

Modify – avoid going so low.




Pregnant? Can do if it feels good for you but I recommend modifying. Replace with warrior 2 once this no longer feels good.

Modify – Use a block for your back hand.




Shoulder Stand

Pregnant? I recommend avoiding unless you are completely comfortable doing this before pregnancy and it feels good for you now.





Pregnant? AVOID – you cannot do this during pregnancy. But it’s great after to help open up your tight chest and strengthen your back.


The reality of it is that I’m aiming for 1 yoga session every week – now that might not sound like a lot but since I already do pilates and lift weights regularly and run occasionally, adding yoga is actually a challenge for me. But a good challenge for me because I always feel amazing after – all the more reason for me to do it. And you too! When we strive for something that is challenging it will make us stronger (both physically and mentally).


So what’s your new years BIG goal and how are you going to achieve it?



This post was sponsored by Target® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.


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  • Casual Plus

    I am a plus sized woman and have 3 month old baby and I would love to do yoga in order to stay fit. Also I would love to buy some plus sized workout clothes to wear during the yoga.

  • Melody Lynch

    Hi there,
    I love this website!!!!
    Just wanted to share my story because I am a fit fanatic mom like you, and I have a GREAT story. I actually stumbled across this website, and it is just terrific! Will be a follower from now on…Wanted to give my details, just for kicks (no pun intended!) Well, we have two sets of boy twins, another sweet boy, and I am due in a month with another boy! That’s right, we will have SIX boys….But wait, it gets better! My twin boys are exactly 9.5 months apart!!! Yep, you read correctly!!! My obgyn declared me a super fertile mama because I had my first set at 22. Little background…I married my high school sweetheart right out of college, and we knew we wanted a family,but when was the question? We honeymooned in romantic Paris. Honestly, we were not being too careful, but who is at all times. We came home 12 days later, and I just knew. The next day I went to the drugstore, and my assumptions were correct. The ob/gyn later that week confirmed twins. We have twins on both sides of our families. I had a wonderful pregnancy, and after I gave birth, we thought we were in the clear birth control wise (Honestly, it had not occurred to me to start up the pill, since I had never taken it. My husband and I use the withdrawal method. My doctor gave us the go ahead for sex…If I am being honest, we were very eager…it obviously started RIGHT when I got home from the hospital!) I was breast feeding, and we just were really enjoying our time with the newborns, but something seemed off with me. I had swollen breasts, was very nauseous, and my hormones were raging, you know the drill…Plus, I had what I thought was a menstrual period; so, I assumed everything was moving along. Eventually I had a doctor´s appointment. I told him about my extreme sickness, and he immediately sent me to get a pregnancy test. BOOM, it confimed I was expecting, and it just so happened to be twins again! In fact, when I went to the doctor, my babies were four months old, and I was three and a half months along. Very,very rare, but it happens! Apparently, you are very fertile after birth. We were shocked to say the least, but we knew we could handle it. The second set of twins came along, and we knew we wanted more; so, we decided to throw caution to the wind, and I got pregnant immediately. This time did consult my doctor, and he declared it possible if it is something we wanted, and we did. I was breast feeding, and we got the green light immediately for sex. We all know what can happen with it unprotected, and it did. Now my boys are 11 times 2, 10 times 2, and my other sweet son is 9. He was born 11 months to the day after the last set of twins. A small surprise, but as I mentioned we were also planning it! Yes, we have our hands full, but we would not have it any other way. My husband was in med school for many of the young years, but we made it work! For years, I thought we were totally in the clear as we had perfected the withdrawal method, and guess what? Three late periods is not early menopause…I am due 25 March with a baby boy. I guess I should have figured it out. I was so sick the first month, and my breasts got huge. When I went to the doctor, he did not have much explanation for me, only that this contraception is not 100 percent. This was such a shock to us because we have been able to have sex at any time of the month, and this pregnancy seemed to conceive just a day or two before my period was to start. Oh my! I am so excited. Morning sickness has been terrible, and my hormones have been crazy, but ready to start life as a family of 8.
    Sorry to ramble on, but I thought you would enjoy my story. If you are wondering, my doctor is amazed. He said my fertility is way crazy, and my cycles can not be predicted. Duh…my husband is also a doctor, but he is an orthopedic surgeon. After this pregnancy he said he is going to buy condoms by the truckload!!! Apparently we need to double protect, as I think this is it us. This is a wild ride, but I am young and happy and, obviously very active! Thankfully I have never minded being pregnant, and I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I think you will understand…since fitness encompasses all…We love having sex, especially while pregnant. There I said it. I am sure many women feel this way. We always wanted a big family. People tend to ask me if I know how I got this way? ! What a comment…yes, I do, and that will not stop.

    • Erica Ziel
      Erica Ziel

      Wow! You are an amazing mama! 6 boys! I have 3 little ones and I can’t image what a housefull of 6 kiddos would be like – tons of fun and crazy all the time 🙂 But it really is amazing – you go girl!

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