Did you know that the pelvic floor is the key to healing your body postpartum?

>>The pelvic floor is involved in everything you do!<<

Although you might think you’re strengthening your pelvic floor by doing Kegels, your pelvic floor is much bigger than the small area Kegels address.

Below is a breakdown of a pelvic floor strengthening exercise regardless of where you are at with your pelvic floor health.

image of Pelvic Floor Strengthening Exercise
Hip Roll Inversions

By placing your heels on a chair, you can move through a greater range of motion while creating light inversion on your pelvic floor.

Inhale through your nose and on your exhale begin to slowly activate your pelvic floor. Roll up on vertebra at a time until you get to a position that isn’t putting unnecessary pressure on your neck.

Avoid gripping your glutes and hamstrings as that can cause greater damage to your deep core.

Visualize gravity gently bringing your pelvic floor connection together and drawing your organs inward towards your abdominals.

Use the front of your abs to slowly bring you back down one vertebra at a time.

>>Place a small ball in between your legs to get an even greater activation at the base of your pelvic floor.<<

If you don’t feel this connection right away, I encourage you to practice, practice, practice! It takes time at a cellular level to create new fascial and muscular connections.

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