Everyone wants to keep their core strong during pregnancy, but do you wanna know a secret?

*Come a little closer…*

>>It’s just as important to learn how to release and relax through your belly and pelvis during pregnancy.<<

*Does that come as a shock to you? It’s something all pregnant women need to know!*

image of release belly during pregnancy

Here are three reasons why you need to learn how to release your belly during pregnancy:

  1. Prevention and minimizing of diastasis recti
  2. Prepare your body for the pushing stage of labor
  3. Effectively strengthen your deep core

Is that enough reasons for you, mama? I bet it is!

Pregnancy is the BEST time to strengthen your core because you have your baby inside you for tactile feedback. To learn techniques on how to release and strengthen your belly during pregnancy, join us inside our Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness Prenatal Membership. With your subscription, you will get a daily workout calendar, coaching calls with our prenatal instructors, and access to our Push Prep Method to ease delivery. Release, strengthen, and sign up >>HERE.<<

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