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picture of pelvic floor activation
4 Tips for Pelvic Floor Activation

Have you worked on your pelvic floor activation postpartum? *This is important ladies so listen up!* Not many mamas know how to activate their pelvic floor because they’re more focused on nutrition, supplements, sleep, and everything else that comes with newborn… So instead of taking 10 minutes a day to work on the foundational training of their pelvic floor, they…

image of prepare for labor and delivery
How to Prepare Your Body for Labor and Delivery

One of the most powerful parts of our Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness membership is when mamas get to learn our Push Prep Method. *Whether you’re planning on having a vaginal delivery or cesarean birth…these fundamentals are vital to your delivery experience!* >>The Push Prep Method is designed to help you learn how to coordinate the muscles in your body that…