Every mama wants to have an easy birth and delivery. *Who can blame them?!*

>>The secret to an easier birth actually isn’t much of a secret at all… Are you ready for it? Breath.<<

easier birth tips image

But first, here’s what makes it hard:

  • Feeling the pressure to get your baby out as quick as possible
  • Worrying that something could go wrong
  • Stressed with the overwhelm that the day brings

The truth of the matter is that a tense pelvic floor can cause TEARING.

>>Breathing into your pelvis and your pelvic floor relaxes your muscles and can make it easier to push your baby out.<<

So, if you are wanting to be a more effective pusher, I’m going to challenge you to do one thing: learn proper breathing techniques before you head into birth so you’re prepared when delivery day comes.

When you remove all the overwhelm and stress, magical things will happen.

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