Shanna’s 1st In-Home Training Session | Treadmill Workout

(forgot to take a picture of her running – next time)

This mornings workout with Shanna I had her warm-up by doing 20 minutes of cardio on her treadmill, including 8 minutes of sprints. Here is the sequence I had her do:

20 minutes @ 2.5 incline

  • 5 min warm-up @ 3.8 mph
  • 3 min light jog @ 4.5 mph
  • Sprinting begins: 20 seconds off & 40 seconds sprinting
  • rest standing on the side rails for 20 seconds
  • Hop back on at 5.0 mph for 40 seconds
  • Rest 20 seconds & increase to 5.5 mph


  • 6.0 mph 40 sec
  • 6.5 mph 40 sec
  • 7.0 mph – Shanna made it almost half way through, she hit her threshold & it was time to go back down.

Rest 30-60 seconds to get your breath back, then it’s back to sprinting 40 sec. & 20 sec. rest

  • 6.0 mph 40 sec.
  • 5.5 mph 40 sec.
  • 5.0 mph 40 sec.

Great Job!

Time to cool down to finish out a 20 minute cardio session

  • 2 min @ 4.5 mph
  • 2 min walking @ 3.5 mph

Stay accountable! I’d love to hear what you have to say about this 20 minute cardio workout & what helps you stay accountable to your workouts.



  • Posted December 14, 2010
    by Shanna ~ My Favorite Everything

    This was definitely harder than it looks, but not so hard that you can’t do it. What I love is that I really felt like I had put myself through the ringer for 20 minutes. Would much rather go a little more intense like this, than a longer 60 minute cardio jog at one pace!! It felt like I actually did something towards the goal! Thanks Erica!!

  • Posted December 19, 2010
    by Jamie

    This sounds like an interesting workout… what advice to you have to actually use a treadmill for this? How can I manipulate the machine with the correct time, correct incline, etc without falling on my face? Surely I’m not the only uncoordinated one out there?!?! LOL

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