Want 3 safe and effective pelvic floor strengthening exercises? I got you!

Seriously…If you have just 5 minutes to connect with your pelvic floor, do one of THESE three exercises and watch your deep core activate!

But before we dive into these exercises, I need you to do one thing for me: I need you to commit to showing up consistently.

image of pelvic floor strength

I promise you, this is the most crucial part of the healing process. Showing up consistently for your body is what will strengthen your pelvic floor and decrease pain and dysfunction. Are you in?

(Good, I knew I liked you!)

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, below are 3 pelvic floor strengthening exercises.

Exercise 1: Bring awareness to your breath to wake up the fascial layers of your pelvic floor. (Bonus points if you can breathe in all the way to your pelvic floor, but no worries if you can’t! With practice, you will get there.) Set a timer for 5 minutes and take slow deep breaths to get your lower abdominals working!

Exercise 2: Pelvic tilts can seem like a basic exercise, but they can give your body a ton of feedback. Use your breath to move your pelvis back and forth instead of gripping and jamming your pelvic floor muscles because that can cause unwanted low back pain.

Exercise 3: Initiate hip rolls by doing a pelvic tilt guided by your breath to activate the deep layers of your core. When you get to the top of your hip roll, you are in a great position to take the weight off of your pelvic floor so you can better strengthen your pelvic floor!


Shout out to these exercises found in Core Rehab to begin healing your pelvic floor from the inside out.

Now, start by working on your breathwork and apply it to your pelvic tilt and hip roll exercises.

Then, add them into your movement practice CONSISTENTLY!

Remember what I told you at the beginning of this post?

>>Consistency is KEY to healing your body.<<

So get out there and start strengthening your pelvic floor TODAY! 

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