If I could have one wish, you know what it would be?

>>I’d wish to provide you the resources of safe pregnancy exercises so you can stay active while you’re bumping.<<

*Is that a wish you’d want, too?*

Well, today’s your lucky day, Beautiful! *And yes, you can think of me as your genie in a bottle.*

Knowing which safe pregnancy exercises are right for your growing bump is the hardest part about creating a movement practice.

It’s too much for the pregnancy brain to take!

I want to show you 3 simple and effective moves that you can add to your daily routine no matter what trimester you’re in.

>>You can prepare your body for delivery and postpartum recovery through movement and breathwork.<<

By taking a step back from high-intensity exercise, you will begin to strengthen your deep core while creating a pelvic floor connection.

*Ready to get moving? Let’s dive in!*

Standing Rotations

It’s common to get tight in the front of the hip flexors during pregnancy due to postural shifts.

These standing rotations are a great way to take the pressure off your hips by creating a connection from your legs, through your core, and all the up through the top of your head.

To begin, you will connect with your deep core starting at the base of your pelvis right underneath your belly.

*This can help to take tension off of your low back!*

You will then lift your heel and spiral around on your toe while allowing your pelvis to move with you.

Make sure that the movement is coming from your hips and rib cage.

Then you can add your arms while lengthening up and forward move slowly as you alternate sides.

As your pregnancy progresses, you might notice that you have less range of motion and that’s okay!

>>This movement is never about how much rotation you can get, it’s about creating space through your body.<<

picture of safe pregnancy exercises

Now, I’m sure this is an exercise that you all do, but I want to guide you through it because it’s great to addition to standing rotations.

As you’re lowering down into a squat, think about the energy in your body going up.

This is because it’s easy to want to compress into your belly as you squat down. With this visualization piece, you will be able to stay lifted and open across your chest.

I love to do these barefoot because there’s more tactile feedback underneath your feet to create a better connection of your legs and pelvic floor.

Once you find a range of motion where you can feel your quads AND hamstrings working, add in some squat pulses to create better fascial connection and strength.

Forward Rolls

Something that I recommend to all of my mamas is to get an exercise ball! It is a great tool for your movement practice and for bouncing with your baby after delivery.

Anytime that you’re on your knees it should not hurt. If it does, double up your exercise mat or put down a towel for additional support.

>>I’m a firm believer that movement should ever be painful!<<

With your knees right underneath you, lengthen up tall, tuck your chin, and slowly peel out one vertebra at a time.

Keep your hips back so you can work to create space along your spine.

Press your hands into the ball, open up your chest, and feel support on the underside of your glutes while giving your baby a nice hug and activating your mid-back.

On your way up, tilt your tailbone and let you head relax as you lengthen tall.

>>If your glutes are wanting to do the work on your way up, then you’re not activating your pelvic floor correctly.<<

With these movement techniques, it IS possible to have mobility in your lower back up until the day that your baby is due.

picture of free pregnancy workout

I know that can be a lot to take in, that’s why I created a free pregnancy workout for you to follow. This movement practice will allow you to strengthen your deep core connection, create space through your body, and become consistent with safe pregnancy exercises. You can get access >>HERE!<<

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