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image of safe pregnancy exercises all trimesters
3 Safe Pregnancy Exercises for All Trimesters

If I could have one wish, you know what it would be? >>I’d wish to provide you the resources of safe pregnancy exercises so you can stay active while you’re bumping.<< *Is that a wish you’d want, too?* Well, today’s your lucky day, Beautiful! *And yes, you can think of me as your genie in a bottle.* Knowing which safe pregnancy…

image of prenatal sculpt workout
Prenatal Pilates Sculpt Workout

I founded Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness in 2012, the year Rihanna had us shining bright like a Diamond and Facebook went public. My, how times have changed…Did I know that I would be helping thousands of mamas through my online membership prepare their bodies for pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery? No. Not at all. But no matter what single Rihanna…

picture of second trimester exercises
4 Exercises for Your Second Trimester

As a prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist, I love teaching women our unique ways of training the female body…but after working with all types of women before, during and after their pregnancies, I know that moving your body this way is something that you’ve never experienced before. Especially while you’re BUMPIN’. Like how do you maneuver around with this thing!…