As a prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist, I love teaching women our unique ways of training the female body…but after working with all types of women before, during and after their pregnancies, I know that moving your body this way is something that you’ve never experienced before.

Especially while you’re BUMPIN’. Like how do you maneuver around with this thing!

>>But as a prenatal exercise specialist and certified doula, I’ve discovered that you have to adjust your workouts for what stage of pregnancy you’re in.<<

To help you get moving in your second trimester, here are 4 effective movements to add to your routine…

*But no bump required to feel the benefits of these moves 😉

1. Upper Back and Shoulder Release

For this move, you’re going to want to grab your exercise band to feel a wrapping around your shoulder blades. When doing this shoulder release, you don’t want to go so far back that you lose your deep core connection because then it will go right into your low back! Round your spine a little as you come forward to feel the tension in your upper back release.

2. Child’s Pose Release

Although this pose seems straight forward, the key to child’s pose is to keep length along your sacrum. Don’t tuck your pelvis…you want to be in a comfortable position where you feel space between your hip bones and deep in the pelvis.

picture of exercises for second trimester
3. Assisted Hip Opener

This is probably one of my favorite moves because it allows you to really release and relax through your hips. When in this position, you want to make sure you are connected through your core as you breathe deep into your back. *There should be some amazing opposition through your body going on here!*

4. Lateral Lunge Pulse

Quite possibly the trickiest move on the list to feel those right connections. You want to always focus on having a lengthened posture as you feel wrapping around your front glute.

There you have it, mama! Four effective exercises for your second trimester that will strengthen your deep core and create space in your body.

To see these moves in action, check out >>this video!<<

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