When you’re expecting, everything and everyone seem to have an opinion about what is or is not best for you and your baby. All these suggestions can be very overwhelming– and many of these common beliefs about pregnancy are simply untrue! To help you along, here are 9 Pregnancy Myths!

1. Morning Sickness. Just about everything you hear about morning sickness is untrue, starting with its name. Hint: it doesn’t just happen in the morning! Thankfully it can often be kept under control, since for some (myself included) it may not end after the first trimester! Exercise could actually help your nausea subside.

2. Heartburn Determines Hair. No evidence has been supported that shows babies will have hair if mom had heartburn. Instead, genetics and heritage play a role in both quantity and pigmentation of your baby’s hair.

3. Pregnant Moms Should Eat for 2. Often we hear that mom is ‘eating for two’, but this shouldn’t be taken literally. Instead of doubling up on calories, try adding a small, healthy snack throughout the day to add nutritional value– shoot for a snack that includes vitamin rich fruits or veggies, as well as a protein with healthy fats to make up around 300 calories (for example apple slices and nut butter). You’ll find great family-friendly recipes in Erica’s Knocked Up Fitness Digital Prenatal Program.

4. Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E for Stretch Marks. Many women slather on stretch mark ‘preventing’ lotions, only to find they get attacked by little lines in the last months of pregnancy. While lotion will help keep skin soft and prevent dryness and cracking, stretch marks are mostly genetic and based on your individual body. Additionally, some lotions can cause irritation, allergic reaction, or contain ingredients you shouldn’t use during pregnancy– so be sure to read your labels!

5. You Can’t Lay on Your Back. While prolonged periods on your back after the first trimester aren’t recommended due to increased belly size, short periods of a few minutes to stretch,exercise, or get comfortable are usually safe (seeCan I Lay on My Back” for more tips!). Your body may also give you signs to stay off your back, including; light-headedness or nauseousness while laying down. If this occurs, gently roll to your left side to improve blood flow.728x90-8

6. No Baths. A bath can be a safe way to relax and suds up during pregnancy. For many women, a bath can also be a great tool for pain management during pregnancy and labor. Always be sure that your bath is a suitable temperature– around 99 degrees is comfortable, while ensuring you don’t become overheated.

7. Exercise is Dangerous. Of course, this is untrue as long as you’re safely performing suitable activities (like Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness Digital Prenatal Program, DVD’s or book!). Exercising during pregnancy can improve your mood, health, pregnancy, and baby’s health– just be sure you’re cleared to exercise, are performing safe activities within your fitness range, and stay hydrated!!

8. Eat Spicy Foods to Induce. I read a lot into this when I was pregnant because I knew several moms trying to induce labor, and the reality is spicy food, as well as other ‘at-home-induction’ tricks are not effective and can cause discomfort! The concept behind eating spicy food, consuming Castor oil (a HUGE no-no!) and other myths is that these processes are supposed to help evacuate the bowels, making more room for your baby to drop. Unfortunately for many this simply means spending lots of time in the bathroom, extremely uncomfortable, and shows no scientific correlation to inducing labor! Instead enjoy your final days of pregnancy and let your baby come when ready.

9. A Bigger Baby is a Healthier Baby. Making it to your due date is ideal for baby’s health, but a bigger baby isn’t what we strive for. The average, healthy baby is about 7.5lbs– babies that are born a great deal larger than that are at a higher risk for emergency c-section births, obesity and diabetes later in life. This has been attributed to expecting moms’ diet, according to the March of Dimes, so getting a healthy amount of exercise and eating healthfully can go a long way for your baby’s health (and a more comfortable delivery!).


Hopefully these tips help you enjoy a safer, happier pregnancy! As always if you have any pregnancy-related questions or concerns, consult your doctors!





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