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Whether you’re pregnant and moving through my exercises, or whether you’re a busy mama, breath is so important for helping to connect our deep core muscles.

Breath can easily be overlooked, it can be challenging to connect the breath properly, and it may take awhile to consistently feel the difference. I will discuss a few different ways to get you on the road to better breathing today!

Below are a few pointers, and be sure to watch my video!

Tips for Incorporating Mindful Breathing into Pregnancy & Beyond

  • It’s About More Than Kegels: think about a full-body, deep-core connection and not just doing your kegels
  • Where You Keep Your Stress: be aware of the stress you keep in your shoulders and neck. Are you clenching your jaw? Is your neck tight? Breath into these areas to soften and de-stress.
  • Posture: we talk a lot about posture, and how important it is for core strength. Having great posture helps us breath into our ribs and back, not just our chest.

Ok, now I want you to try! Follow along in the video {above} or use these cues to help you maintain mindful breath and relieve stress:

  • I want you to use a chair, and sit up nice and tall {remember we’re sitting on our sitz-bones}, and think about breathing in and out to our sides and back. When we can get that breath to go down farther, and out, and then back, we’re getting so much more oxygen into our body. When we do that, it’s a natural way to relieve stress.
  • Another exercise you can try is breathing in and out very slowly, let’s say six to eight counts if you can go that long, or working up to that. Then when you exhale, try breathing out through your mouth and thinking about breathing out for eight counts as well.

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Looking for safe and effective exercises which focus on creating balance throughout your body, strengthen your deep core muscles and focus on breath with movement my  digital prenatal program is for you! With instant digital access to over 14 workouts, my ebook The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregancy, Nutrition plan, Recipes and More.

I talk about specific exercises that can help with sciatic pain, back pain and others. I cue breath with most all of the exercises so you can really focus on how everything works together. Breath can help stimulate proper muscle connection and improve fascial connection, which in turn minimizes diastasis recti when you’re pregnant, but also helps in repair diastasis after baby.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, post them below!


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