Stop Drawing Your Belly Towards Your Spine!

Avoid drawing your belly towards your spine when engaging your abs as this actually does not effectively engage your deep core + it can put unnecessary stress on your pelvic floor and can restrict your breathing.

I was originally taught this way in much of my training in my early years of teaching, as are many others, probably yourself as well. BUT I challenge you to learn something NEW.

Just because it’s how everyone has always been taught doesn’t make it right or the optimal way of strengthening and engaging your core.

After doing research, working with many clients, students, plus my personal experience – I quickly began seeing how drawing your belly towards your spine was affecting my clients. I was able to find much better results when I encouraged my clients to lightly zip up from the base of their pelvis (yes this includes your pelvic floor).

If the entire deep core is not engaging effectively while lengthening then we encourage the shortening of fascia – completely the opposite of what we need to do.

Watch the video below, try it with me and start changing the way that you engage your deep core! Then please share with a friend too!

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  • Posted March 26, 2018
    by honesthealth365

    amazing article , really good read 🙂

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