In this video, I discuss some of the myths revolving around diastasis recti {abdominal separation}, including understanding the importance of treating your diastasis recti, and why surgery to repair it is NOT the answer.

Here’s A Quick Look At The Key Components Of This Discussion:

  • Identifying the safest, effective ways to heal our abs (because the tools are really out there)!
  • Why moms are in real danger as a result of having unnecessary surgical procedures to ‘fix’ diastasis recti and how to truly heal the separation
  • How to connect your core, strengthen your fascia and tissues and repair any separation, hernias + your core after pregnancies.
  • Providing you with the tools to improve + strengthen your entire body
  • Most importantly, I’ll explain a bit about how my membership will teach you how to achieve your health, strength and physical goals safely and without surgeries or other dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle changes that are out there (we discuss some of the ones to avoid here)!

More Exciting Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness News!!!

I’m excited to announce that I have fused the Knocked-Up Fitness® and Wellness Prenatal Program + The Core Rehab Postpartum & Beyond Program into one membership for all stages of motherhood! This membership is designed to be a one-stop shop for women who are thinking about getting pregnant, are currently pregnant or are postpartum and beyond. I have created my program to help educate, empower and prepare women for the next chapter in their life.

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  • Posted March 9, 2017
    by Amelia

    Waw!!!! What a terrific savoury tarte!! And that pear sauce looks just fa!;eMMMMMMMMMMM,&#8230bWond!rful & well flavoured food, dear Koko!!Many hand waves from Brussels!

  • Posted September 7, 2017
    by Joanne

    Thank you for dedicating the time and effort to get behind proper healing. I’ve tried so many things in the last 2 years after first baby. Wraps, slings, belly button pulled in programs, tons of physical therapy type exercises too. I suffer from bladder prolapse, diastasis recto and over tightness of pelvic floor/butt. I’m 23 weeks along on second baby and already feeling quite tender tears in ab gap. I just started working with your program for pregnant ladies and I like the stronger feeling afterwards. But I am having more bladder incontinence. So may need to take more breaks. Thanks again!

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  • Posted October 2, 2017
    by Urmi

    Why is the core rehab program only open for enrollment during certain times? I was very eager to start the program and disappointed that I cannot get access until January 2018.

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