Do you like icing on your cake?

*Like it’s on there but do you really need it?*

That’s kind of the same way to look at taking prenatal supplements (whether you’re pregnant or not)!

Prenatal supplements are important to nourish your body during pregnancy…but you don’t need to rely on them.

What you should rely on is:

  • Eating nutritious, organic food
  • Minimizing foods with pesticides
  • Avoiding toxicity

>>Whether you like icing on your cake or not, learning about these prenatal supplements could impact how you feel throughout your pregnancy.<<

Because baby will take from your body what it needs leaving you the one feeling depleted.

If you’re ready to feel more nourished while you’re bumping, then let’s talk about 3 of my recommended prenatal supplements that you need in your cabinet.

*It’s recommended that you talk with your doctor before adding in any supplements to your diet.*


I didn’t know about this one with any of my three pregnancies and I think it would have really helped me with my energy!

These aren’t only good for pregnancy but for any stage in a woman’s life because they:

  • Make sure you stay hydrated
  • Aid in transporting nutrients
  • Create a good mineral balance in your body
  • Give a burst of energy

I pour my Seeking Health electrolyte sticks into my water every day and drink them over a period of time but NEVER after 3-4 pm.

image of essential prenatal supplements
Prenatal Vitamin

The number one thing to look for a prenatal vitamin is to see if they have folate in them.

>>You really, really, really do NOT want to be eating or taking supplements that have folic acid in them.<<

I know for years it was taught to take folic acid, but I have read enough research out there that says that it could be connected to miscarriages.

This prenatal from Seeking Health and this one from Holistic Health are both awesome recommendations that we love for our mamas!

Omega and Choline

This is the combo that you need to make sure that you are getting good fats in your body for better brain function for baby AND you.

>>Supplementation is good for baby, but you are doing it for you as well mama so you can minimize depletion in your body as much as possible.<<

During pregnancy, there is a decrease in the availability of choline so adding a supplement can help those levels get back to average (I love this one from Seeking Health). As far as your omega goes, in my opinion as long as it has EPA and DHA you can’t go wrong and this Seeking Health one does just that.

Sidenote: This Mommy Brain supplement from Vitamin IQ is also a MUST for moms!

There you have it, mama: 3 prenatal supplements that you need in your cabinet!

If this is your first pregnancy or you last, these supplementation tips are important to keep up while you’re nursing and inbetween babies…but at the end of the day, all that matters is that mom and baby are healthy.

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The material contained within is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before beginning a new regimen or purchasing any product(s).

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