Finding the time to make it to the gym every day can be challenging– especially if you’re working or have other children. It’s easy to make excuses to keep you out of the gym, but there are so many great exercises you can do at home to stay active during pregnancy! Need more incentive? Mom’s who exercise during pregnancy often experience fewer aches and pains, healthy pregnancy weight management, easier labor, fewer prenatal and postpartum complications, and healthier babies!

And there’s even better news– you don’t have to spend hours a day exercising to reap all the benefits. Just 30 to 60 minutes a day, which can even be divided into a morning and evening session, is all the time you need to feel great and stay healthy during pregnancy. Try some of the Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness Prenatal or After Baby Digital Program or DVD’s — some of the online videos take as little as ten minutes and can provide both strength and cardio components.

Keeping up with cardio exercises might seem tiring, especially when you’re farther along in your pregnancy, but remember that you can exercise to the intensity that feels best for you! Including cardio is extremely important in pregnancy to help keep your blood pumping, your heart healthy, and your endurance up.

Combined with strengthening and lengthening exercises, like these Pilates infused prenatal exercises will help prepare your body for late pregnancy, labor, and carrying around baby as baby grows!
If you’re finding it tough to remember to exercise, don’t be afraid to schedule it in. Make an appointment with yourself and a prenatal DVD or your yoga mat while you’re watching the morning news or when supper is cooking.

Take a fifteen minute break at work to walk around the building or climb stairs– you could even consider bringing the gym to your office with a few light weights or an exercise ball. It’s all about making your exercise routine work for you so you can stick to it!

Remember to always listen to your body and only perform exercises and intensity levels that feel comfortable for you.

Stay hydrated not only when working out, but during the day too, to avoid dehydration– which is extremely important for you and your baby! Always get cleared for exercise by your physician and discuss your exercise routines to ensure you’re activities are suitable for you and your bump!



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  • Posted April 15, 2014
    by Mia

    I am a mom to the cutest little 6 month old boy. I want to get my body back in shape but don’t know what to do. I really love your tips and ideas cause sometimes it is just really hard to fit exercise into my daily routine.
    Mia |

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