Fit Tip | Balanced Squats Exercise Video

Tip: Strengthen your knees to decrease risk of knee injury when constantly getting up & down from the floor with your little ones(s) or soon to be little ones.

Soon you’ll be spending lots of time picking your baby up from the floor & eventually lots of toys!

This a great exercise during pregnancy as well as after. If you have weak knees be sure to modify & shorten your range of motion &/or don’t lift your heels from the ground.

**Always check with your Doctor before beginning any exercise program**

Click here for ACOG guideline of when NOT to exercise during pregnancy

Equipment: use light 2-5 lbs hand weights.

Muscles worked:
  • Quads (top of your thighs)
  • Glutes (your Butt)
  • Shoulders
  • Arms (Biceps)
Start doing 1-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions Last Weeks Fit Tip: Super Star Exercise Video ~E ]]>

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