Introducing Pregnant Real Mom Blogger Julianna

My name is Julianna, and I am so excited to be connecting with you all through Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness! My husband and I have a 3 year old son and are expecting baby #2 late January 2013. My family loves to stay active and get outdoors; you can usually find us out on a little nature hike or playing in the snow.

I have been passionate about writing since grade school, and have always been involved in sports and activities, so it seems inevitable that I would join these two passions and begin contributing to the Knocked-Up community! I really started getting interested in health and fitness when I was pregnant with my first, taking up a yoga and Pilates routine, and being more conscious about everything I was eating and how it affects my body (and baby!).

I hope you all find encouragement, friendship, and peace of mind in the conversations and articles I’ll be sharing through the Real Mom Blogs on Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness!


A little Q&A for the mama readers :

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.
A: I recently graduated with my BachelorÔÇÖs Degree in Media and Communication, my original focus was in journalism. I love writing and researching, and am particularly interested in health & fitness. I have a three year old little man and baby #2 will be here sometime in January, 2014.

Q: What was your pregnancy experience with your first?
A: With your first, everything is new and crazy. I was so lucky to have a relatively easy, healthy pregnancy and normal birth. He came a month early, on his own for no real reason other than he wanted to see us, and he was a perfectly healthy 7lbs 2oz!

Q: How did you get started writing about pregnancy?
A: During my pregnancy with my first, I was a total worry wart. I wanted to do everything right and wound up reading a lot, probably too much actually. At the time I was in University for Communications and Journalism and decided that my dream would be to write about pregnancy, health, and fitness, things that I became increasingly passionate about throughout my pregnancy and postpartum.

Q: What are your favorite fitness activities?
A: It really depends on the situation! If I only have half an hour I might do a series of yoga or Pilates or a quick Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness video. If itÔÇÖs a Saturday at home, we might go out for a family hike, head to the pool, or even just run around outside. I love getting my 3 year old involved, heÔÇÖs really into going for a bike ride, and heÔÇÖs gotten so good that now instead of walking behind him weÔÇÖre running after him!

Q: Tell us something interesting about what you bring to this community?
A: I am actually Canadian! I hope there are some other Canadian momma followers out there, but I love that pregnancy and having children bring women from all across the globe together. I’m also a military wife and would love to connect with other military spouses as well as share my interest in prenatal and postnatal fitness and health with all the pregnant moms out there!

Q: How far along are you with this pregnancy?
A: I am 27 weeks, and baby is slowing running out of space and making its way to the upside down position!

Q: Any pregnancy cravings?
A: IÔÇÖve never really liked drinking milk, the last year or so IÔÇÖve really started using almond milk for almost everything. At about 12 weeks into this pregnancy I started drinking a ton of regular milk, I donÔÇÖt know why, but I canÔÇÖt help it! Other than that, I more typically have food aversions than cravings.

Q: What is your favorite thing about pregnancy?
A: Other than the obvious (baby!!), I like that pregnancy really makes me focus on my health. I canÔÇÖt give in to bad habits like ignoring a grumbling stomach or exercising and stretching. I feel like IÔÇÖm healthiest when IÔÇÖm pregnant.

Q: On the flip side; your least favourite thing?
A: Nausea, without a doubt! I could probably handle the first trimester morning sickness thingÔÇöbut I more or less get a first trimester all day sickness, followed by second and third trimester morning nausea. ItÔÇÖs a pain, but I try to manage it as much as possible and move on with my day.

Q: Anything else you want to add?
A: I just want to say that IÔÇÖm very excited to chat with and write about issues that relate to so many other moms, and I hope to hear from many of you about your belly, baby, and beyond stories!

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