Introducing The Real Mom Blogs

Exciting news from Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness! This week we’re introducing the Real Mom Blogs, candid and honest articles by real pregnant moms, sharing their experiences, concerns, and progress throughout their pregnancies.

Our mama bloggers have different interests and experience, and are sharing their pregnancy week-by-week with us from various stages of pregnancy. The goal of the Real Mom Blogs is to share the developments of different pregnancies with the Knocked-Up community, and to find similarities in the triumphs and struggles all pregnant mamas face.
If you have a question you want the Real Moms to answer, Tweet us @KnockedUpFit or Instagram @KnockedUpFitness and be sure you #RealMomBlogs
If you’d like to be featured on the Real Mom Blog, submit your information; including what week of your pregnancy you’re in, what pregnancy # this is for you, and a short biography to

Check back with us to meet our Real Moms!

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