I want to share with you one of my favorite pregnancy exercises the Mermaid Stretch! You’ll find this exercise throughout many of my workouts and discussed in my training program and for good reason, plus my clients LOVE them – they are an exceptionally amazing exercise.

Here are my top 5 tips for why you should include Mermaid Stretch into your workouts:

  • Could help with round ligament pain and discomfort
  • Can help to stretch your tight belly {especially during those growth spurts} which could help in minimizing diastasis recti
  • Great for stretching your hips and chest
  • Feels amazing on your back and side
  • Helps to encourage deep diaphragmatic breathing


Mermaid Stretch {do 2 to 4 reps on one side then switch}

  1. Seated with your right leg bent in front and left leg tucked behind, right hand on the ground behind your body. Exhale as you press with your glutes while reaching your left-hand overhead, pressing your hips up, bringing you up onto your knees.
  2. Inhale to lower down placing your hips back on the ground.

Modification: If you find it challenging to sit in this position grab a pillow to place under your hips!

In need of a visual explanation? Be sure to check out my Prenatal Sculpt Workouts or Book {The Knocked Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy}!

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