Prenatal Pilates Live Workout {Video}

Last week I hosted my 1st LIVE Google+ workout, meaning, no edits, just go for it! Not that I ever have to edit my videos of course, but when you’re talking to a computer & no ones responding, it’s sooo different then teaching an actual physical class. So here it is for you to enjoy! Plus, I know I threw out several tips along the way too.

That’s a little something I like to do with my clients, not only instruct but also to actually “teach”. I want you to learn something new every time you workout. I want YOU to learn more about you! Become more “in-tune” with your body & you’ll start seeing (& feeling) even better results!



P.S. Have you been working out with my Prenatal DVD’s? Did you know strengthening your deep core could help you have a faster delivery…


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