Belly Wraps, Corsets, Support Bands, Oh My!!

There are so many of these products out there and they promise big things. Buyer beware though because too much restriction on the core postpartum can cause the muscles to become even weaker; using the wrap or corset as a crutch. So, I took my top postpartum support products and broke them all down for you, Mama!

A Few Notes: Each band was used after delivering my baby and giving myself a week of recovery without any wraps or bands. I really like the idea of the body getting at least a week of natural recovery. I wore each band according to their instructions and for about 6-8 weeks.

First, we have the BaoBei Belly Sport Band:

This guy was designed by a PT and is the most comfortable band I have used! This is technically for maternity support, but I used it after my pregnancy from weeks 1-8 for light support.

The Sport band is wonderful for freshly postpartum Mamas who need a reminder to straighten their backs during feedings or everyday activities. This band is very lightweight and super stretchy, so not for Mamas looking for a tighter feel. Unlike a wrap or corset, I was able to wear the Sport Band during workouts and really engage my Core. Great for all-day wear, under clothes and nursing friendly!

The biggest difference in the Belly Wrap and a support band is the structure and tightness of the material. I wore the Belly Wrap after labor for about 6 weeks and while a band is good for all day; a wrap or corset is recommended for 8-12 hours of wear per day and fits very snug!

The BFF Wrap feels like it is extremely high quality and for the first few weeks, it fit super tight and held my new belly in really well! There was enough compression for me and my uterus to feel supported but not suffocated. After removing the BFF Wrap I truly did see a difference in belly size. I then did my Core work without the wrap to take advantage of my Core being turned on! The smaller my belly got; however, the bulkier the wrap became and I could only really wear it at home.

Great for part-of-the-day wear, pretty noticeable under clothes and nursing friendly.

Last but not least is the Bellefit Corset:

A corset is the tightest and most structured of the three postpartum support options so, you must be careful on sizing! However, the Bellefit website has the most comprehensive sizing guide, in my opinion.

I tried the Bellefit around 10 weeks postpartum (It is recommended for right after birth) BUT I still saw great results! I also did not wear the corset for many hours at a time because I have never been able to get used to tight fitting clothes or shapewear but again; I saw great results!

The Bellefit is medical grade and they ain’t lying it is extremely high quality. The best part about this corset is that it really hugged my hips and after a few weeks I was able to size down from a Medium to a Small.

Like a wrap, I do not recommend doing Core work while wearing because you can’t really engage the Core on your own. Great for part-of-the-day wear, noticeable under pants BUT they have a thong option, nursing friendly.

There you have it Mamas, my top three postpartum support options! Remember, these help in recovery but aren’t a replacement for Core Rehab exercises. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Coach Annie

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