Exercising during your Second Trimester

Thank goodness for the “Golden Trimester”!

Well, for many anyway. Take advantage of feeling better during your 2nd trimester. If you weren’t able to exercise during your 1st trimester but you feel better now and you doctor has cleared you to exercise, then it’s time get moving. Even just 10 minutes every day can help you feel better.



If you haven’t been exercising and are starting now, that’s ok, just follow the same guidelines as exercising during your 1st trimester. Start slow, keep it pregnancy safe, follow the guidelines below and be sure to discuss your exercise with your doctor. The Knocked Up Fitness Prenatal Program and Workouts are appropriate for beginners (just follow any modifications and skip any exercises that my not feel good for your body).


Remember the goals of exercising during pregnancy:

  • Prepares your body for labor & delivery
  • Helps you feel good
  • Keeps you as “pain-free” as possible
  • Helps maintain/create good posture
  • Return to your pre-pregnancy weight sooner & easier
  • Easier recovery after baby


Modifications to make as you enter your 2nd trimester :


  • As your baby grows and your belly gets bigger, limit lying on your back for long periods of time. Some doctors tell their patients not to lie on their backs at all, so of course listen to your doctor if he/she tells you this (just skip those exercises when working out). Unless you have a high-risk pregnancy or other medical reason, I recommend you can still lie on your back up to 5 minutes at a time, IF YOU FEEL OK.


“I am not one that works out on a regular basis, so I was looking for something that would challenge me, but also be easy on me because I am pregnant and didn’t exercise regularly before I was pregnant.
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  • Signs that you shouldn’t lie on your back or need to get up: if you begin to feel nauseas, dizzy, lightheaded, or just don’t feel good lying on your back. The best way to get up from lying on your back is to roll to your left side & then sit up.
  • Another modification you will need to make as you get into your 2nd trimester — no more lying on your stomach. Usually by this time, your belly will be big enough that you should no longer do any exercises on your stomach, for obvious reasons.
  • As your baby continues to grow, you have more weight pulling on your low back. This is why many woman experience low back pain (although you don’t have to). As you enter your 2nd trimester, this is the time you need to really be aware of your posture, stand tall, shoulders back, & gently hug your baby throughout your day.

These tips can help relieve pressure into your low back. As your belly grows, you may tend to let your back hold your weight. Rather use your deep core muscles to help maintain your posture and avoid that annoying low back pain.  Your back is only as strong as your deep core!

  • Avoid over stretching due to the hormone relaxin now present in your body. You can still stretch, but DO NOT push your end range. When stretching, only go through a range that feels good to you, don’t aim for a deep stretch. Hormone changes during pregnancy allow your joints to become more flexible (needed to allow your hips to open for delivery) but you’re not there yet, so just be careful.


  • Be most cautious of inner thigh exercises and stretching your inner thighs. They are still important and can be done, just keep your range of motion small & comfortable.


Now is a great time to stop doing any crunches (if you still are) and possibly modifying planks. It’s imperative that your deep core muscles are activating properly so minimize stress on your rectus abdominals to help prevent/minimize diastasis recti (abdominal separation). Read the article on safe and effective pregnancy core exercises you can do throughout pregnancy along with the exercises included in the Knocked Up Fitness Digital Prenatal Program.


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***Always check with your Doctor to make sure you are cleared to exercise during your pregnancy***